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Smart Libraries Newsletter [December 2021]


This issue is the last for Smart Libraries Newsletter. Its format as a subscription-based newsletter no longer generates the income needed for ALA TechSource to continue to produce and publish it every month. The expectation for free content on the web has made maintaining paid subscribers challenging. This decision is not unexpected or unwelcome. As a newsletter covering current events in the library technology industry, an open access business model with immediate availability will be a better approach.

My arrangement with ALA TechSource has allowed me to make the content of Smart Libraries Newsletter available on my Library Technology Guides website six months after original publication (see /smartlibraries/). There has been a close relationship between Smart Libraries Newsletter and Library Technology Guides since I have been its primary editor. Press announcements aggregated on Library Technology Guides have often sparked further investigation and research leading to articles published in Smart Libraries Newsletter. Many of these articles include or link to graphs, visualizations, and documents on Library Technology Guides.

I plan to launch a monthly online publication with similar scope beginning in January 2022. Details have not yet been finalized and will be announced on Library Technology Guides.

This newsletter continues an important legacy. ALA Tech- Source began Smart Libraries Newsletter in January 2001 as the successor to Library Systems Newsletter. With Howard S. White as Editor-in-Chief and Richard W. Boss as contributing editor, this publication covered the main events and details of the library automation industry for almost two decades from July 1981 through December 2000. This historic content is also available on Library Technology Guides through a license provided by ALA Publishing. It has often proven to be a valuable source of information regarding some of the companies and products active during this phase of the industry. Library Systems Newsletter morphed into Smart Libraries Newsletter in January 2001, with Richard Boss continuing as contributing editor and Miriam Wuensch as Publisher. In September 2002 Boss exited his long-standing role as contributing editor, writing:

Serving as Library Systems Newsletter's contributing editor since its launch in 1981 has been my pleasure. I have written more than 2,000 articles over the years. . . . Thank you for reading.

A new group of industry experts took the reins of the newsletter in October 2002, including Patricia Caplan, Judy Luther, and Andrew Pace. I was invited to join the rotation in September 2003, contributing stories to every other issue on developments on technology companies or products. Tom Peters joined as a contributing editor in January 2004. Between November 2004 and January 2010, Tom Peters and I served as joint contributing editors, covering respectively digital content issues and library technologies. Since February 2010, I have been the exclusive contributing editor, bringing the focus of the newsletter more sharply on the library technology industry.

Thanks to Dan Freeman, Samantha Kundert, and Patrick Hogan, who have served as Managing Editor of the newsletter at different times.

I look forward to connecting with the readers of Smart Libraries Newsletter on Library Technology Guides, where I will continue to write about the major developments and events in the library technology industry.

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