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Smarter Libraries through Technology: Competing Visions and Technology Ecosystems

Smart Libraries Newsletter [August 2020]

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ProQuest and EBSCO Information Systems continue to vie for the busines of libraries across a growing range of products and services, spanning many different aspects of technology and content. While there are many other competitors in the mix, these two have an interesting set of competitive dynamics.

Both companies have backgrounds in creating or distributing content products and platforms for delivery and access. Their product strategies expanded to include discovery services and electronic resource management products. ProQuest acquired Serials Solutions with its 360 knowledge base and tools for linking and electronic resource management. Under Pro- Quest, Serials Solutions developed Summon as the first indexbased discovery service able to search articles, book chapters, and other resources across all the library's electronic subscriptions. In parallel, EBSCO Information Services created its own knowledge base of electronic resource holdings, tools for managing electronic resources, and EBSCO Discovery Service.

This competition advanced to a much higher level of intensity when ProQuest acquired Ex Libris. This purchase brought the leading provider of technology products into the ProQuest fold, including market leading products such as Alma and Primo.

In parallel to ProQuest's advance into technology, EBSCO likewise launched a strategy to deepen its involvement as a technology provider for libraries. Rather than acquiring or building a proprietary technology platform, EBSCO opted to launch an initiative to create an open source library services platform. This strategy provided an alternative that enables modularity and choice for libraries in contrast to bundled offerings spanning resource management and discovery.

The FOLIO project launched by EBSCO was able to attract interest of a broad range of stakeholders, including the community of libraries involved with Kuali OLE. Following some four years of development, libraries are now beginning to implement FOLIO. This issue of Smart Libraries Newsletter features the latest round of early implementations with an interesting mix of support providers and library-driven efforts. It will be interesting to see how the FOLIO project fares going forward and whether it will have an impact on the competitive dynamics with its rival ProQuest.

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ContentProQuest databasesEBSCOhost
Academic ebooksProQuest Ebook CentralEBSCO eBooks
Content enrichmentSyndetics UnboundNoveList
Content marketplaceOASIS
GOBI Library Solutions
eResource Knowledgebase360 Knowledgebase
Alma Knowledgebase
EBSCO Knowledge Services
Federated AuthenticationOpenAthens (distributor)
EBSCO Discovery Service
Website managementStacks
Resource ManagementAlma
Integration partnerships with ILS partners
Reading list managementLeganto
Research servicesEsploro
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