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Alexa Skills and Google Actions for Public Libraries

Press Release: Pellucent Technologies [June 23, 2019]

WASHINGTON D.C., June 20, 2019 - American Library Association Conference and Exhibition 2019 - Pellucent Technologies LLC. launches yet another Google Action, this time for Delaware County District Library. Delaware County District Library, Ohio was the first Library system in the country to subscribe to the Conversational A.I. services developed by Pellucent in July 2017. Worthington Libraries subscribed to these services in December 2017 and was the first library to have a Google Action developed by Pellucent. The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County added these services in May 2018.

Pellucent's mission is to help Libraries bring their information faster to their patrons using Voice Assistants and Chatbots that are easy to implement, intuitive & easy to use, and at a low cost to the library system.

Pellucent's customers (Library Systems) believe in innovation, are forward thinkers and embrace Technology. According to George Needham, Director, Delaware County District Library, "(The vision for the Conversational A.I. services is) To move the library from a bias for print to a world of multiple lanes of communication". Chuck Gibson, Director/CEO, Worthington Libraries, believes that "(Conversational A.I. services would be the) Portal to All Library Info & Services".

The Conversational A.I. services consists of:

  • A custom Alexa Skill to allow patrons to have interactive conversations.
  • A Flash Briefing Alexa Skill to allow curated content to be shared with the patrons.
  • A Google Action to allow patrons to have interactive conversations as well as chatbot style interactions.

The current features include, searching programs at any of the library branches, by date, age groups and event types. A patron can check the Library hours and also learn about Holidays and Closures.

Pellucent has announced new features this month that would allow a patron to set reminders for events they are interested in. The Amazon Echo device will remind you about the event and you will also receive a push notification on your mobile device. You can also setup a branch as your favorite and get information only for your favorite branch.

According to Avneet Sarang, CEO,CTO Pellucent Technologies LLC., "The services have come a long way since the initial release. Pellucent continues to focus on bringing new features soon, in the areas of Account Activity, Catalog Search, Interactive Engagement, Reference, Integration with other systems, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence."

Any Library System can easily subscribe to the Conversational A.I. services.

Email or call (844) 735-8268 to request for a demo or to get started. Pellucent Technologies is exhibiting at Booth # 542 at the American Library Association Conference & Exhibition from June 20 - June 25, 2019. Stop by the booth and ask how your library system can get started. Pellucent will also have raffle draws every day. Stop by and participate in the raffle. You might win an Amazon Echo dot or a Google Home mini.

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