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Yewno Discover Expands Multilingual Capabilities

Smart Libraries Newsletter [April 2018]


Yewno announced a significant enhancement to its Yewno Discover product through the expansion of its content base to include German and Chinese documents in addition to the English materials previously ingested. Yewno's Discover product makes use of artificial intelligence, especially machine learning techniques, to extract concepts from texts and provide a visual interface to enable researchers to explore scholarly literature through the relationships of concepts that ultimately produce lists of articles or other documents of interest. The technology is based on concept extraction rather than keyword indexing. Any given concept can be represented in multiple languages, providing the ability to explore and search across documents spanning these languages without translation or manually-encoded thesaurus vocabularies. Researchers can now enter queries in English, German, or Chinese to explore the entire corpus of material covered within the platform.

For more information on Yewno Discovery, see the April 2017 issue of Smart Libraries Newsletter

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Publication Year:2018
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: Smart Libraries Newsletter
Publication Info:Volume 38 Number 04
Issue:April 2018
Publisher:ALA TechSource
Place of Publication:Chicago, IL
Company: Yewno
Record Number:23504
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Date Created:2018-05-30 09:10:22