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Ex Libris Launches Esploro

Smart Libraries Newsletter [March 2018]


Ex Libris has launched Esploro, a new product it positions as a research services platform, extending Alma to address a broad array of needs by a university to capture, assess, and showcase the activities of its researchers. The data and analytic tools in the platform can strengthen and refine grant proposals to advance the work of researchers and to advance the standing of the institution.

Esploro brings together three key university stakeholders:

  • The institutional research office, which manages and administers grants across all departments in the university. These offices facilitate administrative details in the grant seeking process and ensure that projects fully comply with requirements stipulated by the funding organization. Esploro enables the research office to track all research publications and other data needed in support of grant compliance.
  • Principal investigators and others involved in research projects.
  • Librarians supporting the research agenda of the institution. In recent years, libraries have sought to move beyond traditional services of simply providing access to scholarly literature to also provide support in other aspects of the research process. Esploro provides a platform in support of librarians collaborating with researchers and to leverage their skills in metadata management and subject expertise.

At the core of Esploro lies a repository of research objects, which primarily includes scholarly articles and also includes research data and other creative works. This repository is populated through the automated capture of objects from sources, such as external and institutional repositories, as well as from direct deposit by researchers or their assistants. These objects are enriched with metadata created both through automated processes and through the expertise of librarians.

The research object repository feeds other components of Esploro, such as generating profiles for individual researchers and a module of reports and analytics. These profiles and reports can both be used internally by the key stakeholder groups as well as for public exposure. Esploro will also provide APIs to enable other platforms or organizations to tap into the resources or analytical tools.

Esploro has been built as an extension of Alma, leveraging its functionality and content to address this additional domain of activity within the institution. It will integrate with the Primo or Summon discovery services, both for helping to populate the research object repository and for exposure of resources. Esploro will also be able to take advantage of Pivot, which includes a comprehensive aggregation of funding opportunities available to the research community. The integration of data from Pivot enables researchers to track grant opportunities offered by funding agencies, so that researchers will be aware of all possible sources and optimize their process for submitting grant applications.

The development of Esploro is underway, though not currently available as a production product. Ex Libris has engaged five major institutions as development partners to inform the design and functionality of the initial release and its future roadmap. These institutions include the University of Oklahoma, the University of Iowa, the University of Miami, Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, and the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

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