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TIND RDM: A New Platform for Research Data Management

Smart Libraries Newsletter [July 2017]


It is essential for libraries to continually explore and expand the ways that they support their parent institutions or communities. Libraries serving academic libraries have been increasingly interested in finding areas of involvement outside traditional collection management services. One of these areas is facilitating the data produced by faculty research projects. This is an area that leverages the expertise of libraries in organizing and preserving data and fills a pressing need in the institution.

Managing, preserving, and making research data has become a growing burden for universities. Many funding agencies, notably the National Science Foundation, require that the projects they fund include a data management plan. Many libraries have stepped forward to work with researchers in the grant application process to help formulate these plans. The execution of research data management also provides an opportunity for the library to help the university by providing the technical infrastructure and personal expertise.

TIND, a relatively new spin-off of the CERN research facility in Switzerland, has created a version of its repository management platform optimized for the management of research data. This company provides commercial services surrounding the open source Invenio software initially developed at CERN. Its products include the TIND IR for institutional repositories and the TIND ILS, which provides the full capabilities of an ILS. The California Institute of Technology, or Caltech, has been an early adopter of the technology products supported by TIND. This institution became the first in the United States to implement the TIND ILS, migrating from a Millennium ILS from Innovative in October 2015 (see Caltech Sets Tech Strategy Based on Invenio in the August 2015 issue of Smart Libraries Newsletter).

Anticipating the need within research organizations, TIND has developed modules for its platform to provide the functionality needed to support the preservation and management of research data. This product, the TIND RDM, includes support for the DataCite metadata scheme developed to identify research data sets and facilitate their citation and retrieval (see TIND has incorporated support for the DataCite 4.0, the latest version of this schema into their platform and has worked with Caltech to create the functionality needed to support the management of research data. The product can make use of cloud-based services to accommodate the storage of research data sets that often require very large-scale capacity.

The TIND RDM has been placed into use to support CaltechDATA, a new service of the library to support the management and preservation of research data for the faculty and staff at Caltech. This service offered by the Caltech Library allows researchers affiliated with Caltech to upload and describe data sets for long-term preservation and access without direct cost. The repository allows published or unpublished data sets. Software used to produce the data set can also be submitted. While data sets are meant to be openly available, an embargo period can be set to temporarily restrict public access. The TIND RDM also provides an API to enable access to deposited data sets by external applications.

For more information on CaltechDATA, see https:// For more information on TIND RDM, see http://info

Ex Libris also offers technologies to support the management and preservation of research data. These capabilities can be found in the company's Rosetta platform for digital asset management and preservation. The library of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, known as ETH-Zurich, has extended the use of its Rosetta implementation to support research data.

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