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NISO Establishes New Workgroup to Recommend an API Framework for E-Content Integration

Smart Libraries Newsletter [October 2016]


The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has approved the formation of a new project to facilitate discovery and access to e-books and other digital content via library interfaces. Libraries increasingly require modern mechanisms to enable them to incorporate digital content from external providers into their own services and interfaces. While progress has been made in the realm of integration of e-book lending services provided from external providers into library catalogs and discovery interfaces, no consistent approach is available that works across all providers. Many of the mechanisms currently available are cumbersome and do not follow modern technical conventions.

This new NISO project will produce a new API framework that can be implemented by digital content providers and libraries able to achieve interoperability with a lower threshold of difficulty and with more flexibility. Rather than working out individual interoperability techniques between each set of partners, the project aims to create a single set of APIs that can be implemented uniformly and ultimately result in more robust services for library patrons than previously possible. The framework will be based on RESTful APIs and Mobile application calls, consistent with modern technology practices.

This workgroup will work under the Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee (D2D), one of NISO's high-level committees that oversee workgroups that create or maintain specific standards or recommended practices. This project was approved by D2D in July 2016 and approved by NISO voting members in August 2016.

The project was initially proposed by the Queens Library, which had developed its own set of API Requirements for e-Content Partners. The APIs specified in this document will serve as the starting point for the workgroup. The workgroup is in charge of specifying an API framework that will be issued as a NISO recommended practice if accepted by D2D and ratified by the NISO voting membership.

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