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Deep Web Technologies announces major upgrade To Explorit Everywhere

Press Release: Deep Web Technologies [August 4, 2015]

SANTA FE, N.M., July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ Deep Web Technologies (DWT), a leader in federated search, announced a major upgrade to Explorit Everywhere! next-generation search technology. Explorit Everywhere! searches internal, subscription and public Deep Web sources simultaneously for relevant results, helping organizations improve their research efficiency and ultimately driving down research costs.

The new Explorit Everywhere! release rebuilds the previous version from the ground up, laying a strong foundation for future enhancements. Now, as a platform-driven service, Explorit Everywhere! provides greater agility in support of different services and features, including search widgets, suggestion services, mobility and scalability. The web-based Explorit Everywhere! allows DWT to apply updates at the platform or customer level, creating a fluid, efficient workspace and consistent applications. "The versatility of Explorit Everywhere! lets my team complete multiple updates faster, and spend more time serving customers with tailored applications, or even creating new features," said Ellee Wilson, Vice President of Professional Services at DWT. "It really opens the imagination to what is possible at DWT."

Explorit Everywhere! federated search initially gained traction in the government sector, but has since branched into the corporate, medical and academic markets. These markets, with their unique search needs, helped to define the new Explorit Everywhere! upgrade. With its web-based approach, Explorit Everywhere! is accessible anywhere and everywhere users search for information. Abe Lederman, CEO and CTO at DWT mentioned, "I'm pleased with the direction Explorit Everywhere! has taken. With this upgrade, we are well-positioned to provide innovative solutions across a range of industries."

New functionality in Explorit Everywhere! includes the MyLibrary feature, letting researchers select and save results to their personal accounts. MyLibrary allows users to tag and categorize selected results, similar to organizing folders in a filing cabinet. Users can reference their saved results whenever they want, for as long as they are saved in their application.

Incorporating Deep Web Technologies' bedrock multilingual search technology, Explorit Everywhere! now lets users switch their user interface text to their language of choice: English, German, French, Portuguese or Spanish. When users select their query language to search across multilingual databases, the user interface will automatically update the user interface text to that language as well. Combining multilingual searching and user interface localization creates a seamless experience for researchers at global companies requiring, for example, local or foreign competitive intelligence, news or science in their own language.

Explorit Everywhere! is also now completely mobile, using elements of responsive design to formulate a device-driven user interface. With over 100 device screen resolutions worldwide and growing, Explorit Everywhere! detects the screen resolutions users are coming from, and fits the content to the screen of the device, ensuring results are easy to view, sort and interact with, whether viewed from a tablet, phone or desktop computer.

Lederman said, "There really is no limit to where Explorit Everywhere! can go. We're exploring possibilities I would never have dreamed of before, and we'll continue to enhance our product capabilities to benefit our customers and to demonstrate our search expertise."

About Deep Web Technologies

Deep Web Technologies ( creates custom, sophisticated federated search solutions, based on its Explorit Everywhere! service, for clients who demand precise, accurate results. It is the tool of choice when needing to access the Deep Web, a collection of Internet information sources that are generally not accessible to web spiders or crawlers and cannot, therefore, be indexed for search by popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Explorit performs real-time searches of multiple information sources, in parallel, merging the results into a single page. Serving Fortune 500 companies, the Alliance, the U.S. Department of Energy, Stanford University, the WorldwideScience Alliance and a wide variety of other customers, partners and research and library alliances, Deep Web Technologies has built a reputation as the "researcher's choice" for its advanced, agile information discovery tools.

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