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SirsiDynix Launches BLUEcloud Campus

Smart Libraries Newsletter [August 2014]


SirsiDynix has announced the development of BLUEcloud Campus, a component of its BLUEcloud Library Services Platform designed for academic, research, and school libraries. In recent years, SirsiDynix has seen increased sales and retention, largely weighted toward public libraries. The development of the BLUEcloud Campus, aims to strengthen its position among academic and other libraries with major investments in collections of electronic resources. BLUEcloud Campus, like eResource Central and other members of this product suite, currently requires that the library operate one of the SirsiDynix ILS products, Symphony or Horizon.

In recent years, the development strategy has been focused in the creation of new applications that operate in conjunction with its strategic ILS products, Symphony and Horizon. Connectivity layers, called Web Services, have been created for both ILS products, enabling their use with SirsiDynix's new products, branded as the BLUEcloud Suite. The BLUEcloud components have been developed as a multi-tenant software-as-a-service platform, with all interfaces delivered either as apps for mobile devices or through web browsers. The BLUEcloud suite is gradually expanding to provide new modules. Initial components included eResource Central for the management and patron access to e-books and other electronic resources, the BookMyne mobile online catalog, and a web-based circulation client. BLUEcloud Analytics has been developed to ultimately replace the SirsiDynix Director's Station, helping libraries manage and present detailed statistical reports related to collection composition, circulation, and other categories.

SirsiDynix also recently announced BLUEcloud MARC, a repository of bibliographic records available on the BLUEcloud platform that can serve as a source for copy cataloging for libraries that use the BLUEcloud cataloging client. The repository currently includes more than 20 million MARC records from the Library of Congress and other sources. SirsiDynix reports that it plans to expand BLUEcloud MARC to act as a repository for the forthcoming Global Title List, a linked-data resource for the BLUEcloud Discovery and Staff applications. The design of BLUEcloud Campus includes continued reliance on the current tools in one of the SirsiDynix ILS products, either Symphony or Horizon, to manage the library's physical resources. Capability for the specialized management of electronic resources will take place through third-party components, initially from EBSCO Information Services, integrated through the BLUEcloud architecture. The general strategy of SirsiDynix involves continued reliance on mature and stable functionality through the underlying ILS and deploying new products via the BLUEcloud architecture. Over time the new BLUEcloud functionality will displace that of the ILS until it eventually becomes a fully comprehensive platform. BLUEcloud Campus will integrate with EBSCO Discovery Service for article-level search capability and will also make use of EBSCO tools for electronic resource management. The arrangement with EBSCO is not exclusive, leaving open the possibility for SirsiDynix to work with other providers of discovery services and electronic resource management tools.

Libraries will need to be current subscribers of EBSCO Discovery Service and other related ERM tools and operate one of the SirsiDynix ILS products with Web Services enabled (in addition to their subscription to BLUEcloud Campus).

The initiative to develop BLUEcloud Campus is led by Rick Branham, Vice President of Higher Education and School Services. Branham had previously served as Vice President of Global Accounts and Alliances and has been with the company since 1989.

BLUEcloud Campus has been in development for the last year, and many of the Discovery components are already available. SirsiDynix's Discovery platform, Enterprise, current integrates full searching against the EBSCO Discovery Service, with features such as facet limiting, expanders and limiters, search sorting, and support for EDS Custom Links. EBSCO A-Z and LinkSource integration is also available. Additional development activities planned in the short term include achieving full parity in Enterprise relative to EDS functionality, plus integration of EBSCO COUNTER data with BLUEcloud Analytics. New BLUEcloud modules such as Campus Connection (LMS integration), Course Reserves, ILL, and Facilities/Materials Booking will be made available through 2016.

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