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Danish library collections now discoverable worldwide in real time through WorldCat

Press Release: OCLC [April 7, 2014]

LEIDEN, Netherlands -- 7 April 2014. Dansk Bibliotekscenter (DBC) is partnering with OCLC to synchronize DANBIB, the Danish national union catalog, with WorldCat, making real-time updates that will result in faster visibility of the collections around the world through leading websites and search engines.

Synchronizing the DANBIB catalog with WorldCat in real time will help the Danish libraries realize the full benefit of syndication through the world's largest online database for discovery of library resources. OCLC partners with leading search engines and websites to make library collections in WorldCat more visible and accessible through the Web.

The DANBIB catalog includes all books, periodicals and newspapers published in Denmark since 1970 as well as many published earlier, significant newspaper and journal articles published since 1945, and reviews published since 1990. Synchronization with WorldCat gives searchers around the world improved access to this rich and ever-expanding dataset.

"We look forward to implementing this new way of synchronizing our data with WorldCat since the process is going to be more automated and in real time," said Karin Knudsen, Product Owner at DBC. "We have been very pleased with the partnership with OCLC, and the Web service based project fits hand in glove with DBC's strategy about basing our IT solutions on Service-Oriented Architecture."

"As a unique, global aggregation of library collections, WorldCat is positioned to make library collections available to a global user base," said Eric van Lubeek, Managing Director of OCLC EMEA. "More than 50 popular consumer websites—from Google to Wikipedia to Goodreads—partner with OCLC to draw on library collections through WorldCat. Each year, libraries which are made more visible in WorldCat receive in excess of 17 million queries to their local catalogs from prominent search engines and consumer websites."

DBC will also benefit from WorldCat's linked data approach, which positions the collection data of Denmark's libraries in the unique linked dataset that OCLC is generating from As more national union catalogs and library networks load their data in WorldCat, OCLC will continue to explore more opportunities to make local library holdings globally accessible.

About DBC

DBC is a publicly-owned organization responsible for IT infrastructure and bibliographic data across Danish public libraries. DBC oversees the cataloging of books, music, audio-visual materials, online documents, articles, and reviews in newspapers and magazines at a national level, through its solutions:

DANBIB, the union catalog for Danish public libraries, which delivers comprehensive bibliographic and holdings data, plus national resource-sharing infrastructure., which draws on DANBIB data to provide citizens with access to Danish online public library services.

DBC shares the commitment of Danish libraries to encourage "enlightenment, education and cultural activities." It fosters innovation and knowledge at all levels of society, through the provision of high-quality data and information. DBC's IT solutions are based on Open Source and Service-Oriented Architecture, compliant with recommendations laid down by the National IT and Danish Agency for the Digitisation of Public Institutions.

About OCLC

Founded in 1967, OCLC is a nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organization dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world's information and reducing library costs. More than 74,000 libraries in 170 countries have used OCLC services to locate, acquire, catalog, lend, preserve and manage library materials. Researchers, students, faculty, scholars, professional librarians, and other information seekers use OCLC services to obtain bibliographic, abstract and full-text information when and where they need it. OCLC and its member libraries cooperatively produce and maintain WorldCat, the world's largest online database for discovery of library resources. Search on the Web. For more information, visit the OCLC website.

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