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Kuali OLE Release 1.0

Smart Libraries Newsletter [January 2014]


The Kuali OLE project to create an open source library services platform has met a major milestone with the release of version 1.0 of the software. No libraries have yet put Kuali OLE into production use. This version includes four modules with basic functionality that allows libraries to begin implementation planning and data migration. Subsequent releases will include the additional functionality deemed necessary for libraries to migrate from their legacy integrated library systems.

The modules that organize the functionality of Kuali OLE do not correspond directly to the traditional model of the integrated library system. The Kuali OLE modules delivered in this initial release include:

  • Deliver, including fulfillment tasks for both print and electronic materials. For print materials, functionality resembles that for the ILS circulation module, such as check-in, returns, holds, requests, fines related to print materials, and tasks related to the access of electronic content.
  • Select and Acquire provides automation support for the acquisitions of print and electronic library materials. It includes traditional acquisitions functions such as financial transactions involved in procurement including invoicing, receiving, payments; and support for license management and other tasks involved in electronic resource management. Select and Acquire makes use of a subset of the Kuali Financial System, supporting financial operations, and the GOKb community knowledge base, supporting electronic resource management.
  • Describe and Manage supports cataloging, authority control, and inventory management for library materials. This module includes a family of editors for the creation and manipulation of descriptive metadata and associated holding and item records. Records in Kuali OLE are stored in the DocStore component of Kuali Rice.
  • Systems Integration takes advantage of the Kuali Rice middleware components to support identity management, APIs and other external interfaces, and configuration policy. Overlapping with Deliver, this module also includes support for standard library protocols, such as NCIP, Z39.50, SRU, and interlibrary loan transactions. According to current project timelines, The University of Chicago and Lehigh University are on track migrate to Kuali OLE in the summer of 2014.

Kuali Days, a conference surrounding the broader set of Kuali applications, has been an annual event in the United States. Kuali Days UK was held in October 2930, 2013 at the Senate House Libraries affiliated with the University of London. Kuali OLE was featured at the event, highlighting the Bloomsbury Library Management System Consortium as the first group of libraries outside the US exploring its implementation.

The development of Kuali OLE has been supported with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in addition to in-kind and direct financial contributions by the institutions involved as investing partners. HTC Global Services has performed much of the development work for Kuali OLE, including architecture design, software engineering, and quality assurance. Individuals associated with each of the investing institutions develop higher-level design, describe detailed functional requirements, and perform testing.

The completion of this initial 1.0 release of the Kuali OLE software represents an important milestone in the project. Libraries placing the software into production represent a critical threshold that will demonstrate the capabilities of the software and stimulate interest in libraries not involved in its development. A detailed summary and update on Kuali OLE was featured in the September 2013 issue of Smart Libraries Newsletter.


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