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BA Insight partners with MuseGlobal to expand library of content sources available in its TotalView search-driven applications

Press Release: MuseGlobal, Inc. [May 24, 2012]

May 24, 2012, New York, NY — BA Insight, a leader in agile information integration, today announced that it has forged a partnership with MuseGlobal, a leading content integration firm based in San Francisco. As a result of the partnership, BA Insight has dramatically expanded the number of content sources it can securely integrate into its TotalView Applications, search-driven and role-specific solutions built atop the Microsoft SharePoint platform that integrate an organization's various data sources to provide knowledge workers with a 360-view of any topic, task, or subject matter.

Under the terms of the partnership, MuseGlobal's library of connectors to hundreds of ‘beyond the firewall' content sources – including internet databases, digital news sources, and online libraries – will now be added to BA Insight's existing library of connectors to over 40+ enterprise systems. This will enable BA Insight to deliver TotalView applications that surface and fuse content from not only all of an organization's internal systems, but also all of the external data streams, news feeds, and proprietary information services it needs to make informed decisions.

"To be successful, knowledge workers today must deal with a staggering amount of data from a variety of sources; and do so in an efficient manner", said Guy Mounier, CEO of BA Insight. "Search-Driven Applications are the answer, and our partnership with industry-leader MuseGlobal enables us to supplement our existing portfolio of Longitude Connectors for enterprise systems with connectors for thousands of additional external data sources. Our company's strategic goal is to deliver the most intuitive and productive enterprise search applications in the industry, and we are proud to be working with MuseGlobal in support of this vision."

Delivering The Content Workers Need to Make Decisions and Drive Business

Built atop Microsoft's SharePoint platform and leveraging Microsoft's best-in-class enterprise search technologies, BA Insight's TotalView applications deliver the same ‘contextual' search experience that users have grown accustomed to in the consumer space - where search-driven applications like and not only surface information from across multiple sources, but also present that information in a manner customized to the user, his/her role, location, and objective(s). Because TotalView applications are built atop of – and integrate seamlessly with – Microsoft SharePoint and/or FAST Search for SharePoint, they can be deployed at a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional data integration or Business Intelligence initiatives. TotalView applications have been deployed by organizations of all types and sizes, to meet the needs of a of a variety of business processes - including Customer Call Center Consoles, Attorney Matter & Client-centric information Centers, and Intelligence Analysts' Workbenches.

"BA Insight pioneered the creation of high value search-driven applications to connect Microsoft's SharePoint and Fasts Enterprise Search solution to any enterprise system out-of-the-box and provides users with a unified view of enterprise information, regardless of format or source," stated Kristina Bivins, MuseGlobal's CEO. "With over 6,500 pre-built Smart Connectors MuseGlobal is readily able to empower enterprise search applications with content and we are delighted to partner with BA Insight in expanding their existing library of connectors in TotalView applications."

To learn more about BA Insight and its TotalView Search-driven Applications, please visit

To learn more about MuseGlobal and its content integration technologies, please visit

About BA Insight

BA Insight is the leading provider of integrated search technologies and Search-based Applications that help organizations leverage the full power of Microsoft SharePoint and FAST Search across the enterprise and in the cloud. BA Insight's flagship Longitude Software Platform lets organizations extend Microsoft's enterprise search capabilities across dozens of CRM, ERP, ECM, messaging, and collaboration systems, and delivers rich preview, data visualization, and content classification tools that empower knowledge workers to find relevant content more efficiently, and act upon that information with greater precision.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in New York City, BA Insight maintains sales offices and research facilities throughout the United States and Europe. BA Insight's global team, fortified by an expansive network of certified partners and resellers, has helped millions of users gain instant and actionable access to information. Hundreds of customers – including Fortune 500 companies such as Accenture and ExxonMobil, and government agencies such as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Australian Department of Defense – have deployed BA Insight's enterprise search solutions to take full advantage of their information assets while optimizing end-user productivity. BA Insight is a Managed Microsoft Partner.

About MuseGlobal, Inc.

MuseGlobal sets the standard for Smart Connectors through content harvesting and federation technologies to search and access content in any format, on any system and at any location. MuseGlobal's data-as-a-service solutions supports access to public and private, structured and unstructured data, across enterprise class applications, Web 2.0, social media and subscription content sources using a variety of data formats. MuseGlobal's Smart Connectors deliver a wide range of interoperability options that allow fast integration with new or existing technologies in a scalable, secure and sustainable environment and that ease customization, implementation, maintenance and administration. MuseGlobal partners and works closely with today's most sophisticated integrators, enterprise software companies publishers, technology companies, enterprises and online services to license effective custom search solutions to their users. More information can be found at:

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