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Press Release: ImagineEasy Solutions [February 28, 2012]

New York, February 28, 2012 – Many students research and then write their paper, taking advantage of EasyBib's easy-to-use program to create their bibliography. Unfortunately, even a perfectly-formatted works-cited page needs a good balance and variety of credible source types – an important aspect of creating a well-researched paper. EasyBib's new Bibliography Analytics tool comes to the rescue!

Bibliography Analytics is a tool that breaks down the writer's bibliography, assigning it an overall score, (excellent, great, good, okay, needs work), using several different criteria to show the writer whether their bibliography is a good one – or if it needs additional (or better) sources. Some of the areas analyzed by the new tool include:

  • Diversity of source types: Using different types of resources, across multiple mediums, shows a more thorough research process for the writing.
  • Percentage of sources from academic databases: Academic databases represent more credible content than many other online resources, since database entries are written by professionals in their particular field and many times, the writing is peer-reviewed.
  • Credibility of the web sources cited: A website can contain either credible or unreliable information (or both!), depending on its source. Since anyone can put up a website, writers need to be sure to be citing from those websites that are proven trustworthy.
  • The number of sources cited compared to the number of pages in the paper: The longer and more complex a paper is, the more sources it needs, to show that the writing is thoroughly evidence-based and well-documented.

To further help the writer to use the best sources in the writing of the paper, Bibliography Analytics also includes other information that's not figured into the bibliography's score, such as a comparison of the dates the sources were published (so the writer is aware of how current the information is), the date cited, and whether or not the sources have annotations.

"Writers are going to love the new Bibliography Analytics tool on EasyBib," commented Darshan Somashekar, EasyBib co-founder. "Now they can feel more reassured about what they are citing. Teachers are going to love this as well, since they can track the quality of their students' research." is a citation formatting, note taking, and research tool. Founded in 2001 by students, EasyBib is headquartered in New York City and used by over 30 million students. EasyBib offers up-to-date formatting in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles, footnotes and parenthetical citations, note taking features, and more. Visit:

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Publication Year:2012
Type of Material:Press Release
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Issue:February 28, 2012
Publisher:ImagineEasy Solutions
Company: ImagineEasy Solutions
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