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Die Deutsche Bibliothek migrates to next generation Central System

Press Release: OCLC [November 7, 2002]

Exactly as planned the new generation of the central library system of the German National Library (DDB) was taken into production on Monday September 30th, 2002 at 9:00 hours. It involved migration from the proprietary TANDEM environment to a fully open systems compliant system.

Christine Boßmeyer, responsible for all IT systems in the Deutsche Bibliothek, said after the first three days the system had been in production:

"We are very satisfied with the first three days. ... We can summarize that the long time and effort for development, implementation and testing was worthwhile. Thus, the opening of the new system was what we call in German a 'Bilderbuch-Start'".

She also summarises the migration weekend:

"We closed the 'old' system on Friday September 27 at 12:00 hours. The data migration, including the central catalogue of the National Library, the German Serials Union Catalogue as well as the records of the Deutsche Musik Archiv, from TANDEM to Unix took only 4 hours and the full indexing another 4 hours. In this time we migrated 14,7 million title and authority records, 16,4 million copy records as well as 16,5 million log-records. The most remarkable change noted by the librarians using the new CBS4 is the high speed of the new system, which will lead to further improvement of the efficiency of the work."

The new generation of the DDB central system ILTIS is based on OCLC PICA CBS4. This system is based on a very flexible XML like dataformat that allows storage in different MARC and metadata formats. The new generation comprises of a full rewrite of all the central library application modules, including the shared cataloguing functionalities, the inter library loan system and the public access module. The system uses SYBASE as the RDBMS for data storage. The migration from CBS3 to CBS4 took more than 30 FTE and lasted from 1999 to the beginning of 2002. In April 2002 the first system was migrated, the Dutch shared cataloguing (GGC) and union catalogue - interlibrary loan system (NCC-IBL). Later this year the migration at the Hessen Bibliotheks und Informations System (HeBIS) is planned. The cooperating northern German states (GBV) will migrate in the beginning of 2003, at the same time as the French Système Universitaire de Documentation (SUDOC).

A final quote from Christine Boßmeyer: "This was a huge step for IT. ... The TANDEM was in use for more than 10 years and some colleagues look back to the old system with melancholy. I think the new software and hardware platform offers new possibilities and I am very happy that we did it before my retirement."

Die Deutsche Bibliothek is the national archive and the national bibliographic information centre for the Federal Republic of Germany and, as such, performs the functions of a national library. Die Deutsche Bibliothek cooperates closely with all national and international library institutions and organisations. Within this context, it has a leadership role in the development and application of common rules and standards for Germany. More information about Die Deutsche Bibliothek is available at:

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