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Cuadra Associates Announces the Release of STAR Knowledge Center for Archives

Press Release: Cuadra Associates, Inc. [August 4, 2010]

Los Angeles, CA--August 4, 2010--Cuadra Associates, Inc., a leading provider of knowledge management solutions, announced the release of STAR Knowledge Center for Archives (SKCA), a new, completely browser-based solution for archival collections management. The product builds on features from Cuadra’s earlier collections management solution, STAR/Archives, and provides clients with additional ways to make their collections accessible and visible.

The centerpiece of this new release is a new public access module. Like the public access module that was part of STAR/Archives, the new one allows for searching within and across collections and for dynamic generation of finding aids with related digital resources.

SKCA also has new features that make it easy for researchers to explore the collections. For example, its "Hot Topics" feature allows users to execute, with a single click, predefined search strategies that archives staff members have defined, for frequently asked questions. Another new feature is "Subject Cluster" reports, which show the number of times that a given subject term is used in the search results. That information can help staff and users to refine search strategies.

The new public access module provides for ad-hoc reports and new report formats, including a relevancy-ranked report. In addition, reports can now be downloaded in .csv format (e.g., for use in a spreadsheet), saved as text, or saved as PDFs.

According to Judith Wanger, Cuadra’s Executive Vice President, who guided the development of STAR Knowledge Center for Archives, the main objectives of the new product were to help archivists to be as efficient as possible in creating levels of description and to enhance the presentation of their intellectual work to the users. "We wanted to provide new ways to help the public discover the contents of archival collections and find materials that would otherwise not be found. Our clients have told us that their collections have become more visible because our public access module allows their users to search the collections and view the finding aids more easily."

Cuadra will begin upgrading its archives clients to SKCA this month.

About Cuadra Associates, Inc.

Founded in 1978, Cuadra Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of knowledge management software products. The core of every Cuadra product is STAR, an acclaimed multi-purpose software package with the power and flexibility to manage collections of all types. STAR is unique in that it is able to manage collections effectively in many types of environments, including libraries and information centers, records centers, archives, museums, competitive intelligence, and publishing. Many of these organizations have multiple related information management needs that can be met with a single STAR software package.

For more information on Cuadra or any of its products, contact Ilene Slavick at 800.366.1390 or 310.591.2490. Or visit the company’s Web site at:

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