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3m vs Envisionware: Joint claim construction statement


Abstract: In accordance with the Courtís Pretrial Schedule dated January 24, 2010, the parties filethis Joint Claim Construction Statement ("Statement") of certain, previously-identified claim terms, phrases, or clauses of U.S. Patent 6,857,568, U.S. Patent 6,232,870, and U.S. Patent 6,486,780. The Statement identifies the claim terms, phrases, or clauses on which the parties were unable to agree on a construction and provides a proposed construction by each of the parties. For each of the disputed claim terms, phrases, or clauses, the Statement further identifies references from the specification and/or prosecution history ("Intrinsic Evidence") and any known extrinsic evidence on which either party may rely either to support its proposed construction or to oppose the other partyís construction. Each party reserves the right to rely on any Intrinsic Evidence or extrinsic evidence cited by the opposing party in this Statement.

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Publication Year:2010
Type of Material:Document
Language English
Issue:July 30, 2010
Publisher:United States District Court District of Minnesota
Series: Case Number 0:09-cv-01594-ADM-FLN
Place of Publication:Minneapolis, MN
Notes:Case Number 0:09-cv-01594-ADM-FLN
Company: EnvisionWare
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