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Access Innovations, Inc. Releases Data Harmony

Press Release: Access Innovations [May 14, 2010]

Albuquerque, NM -- Access Innovations, Inc., a leader in the data management industry, has announced the release of Data Harmony 3.7, the latest version of the company’s popular data management software suite. The suite contains taxonomy management, automatic categorization, and metadata management tools and incorporates user-suggested upgrades that enhance the software’s functionality and features. The user documentation is also fully revised and updated.

All modules of the new version of Data Harmony – Thesaurus Master, M.A.I. (Machine Aided Indexer*) and XIS (XML Intranet System) – are 100 percent Unicode UTF-8. Therefore, they support all languages, all character sets, and integrated multi-lingual applications. They also support scientific nomenclature without a need for special coding or character entification.

Unicode allows the user to choose the language desired for the interface to appear for interaction. The commands can be mapped to the language and character set of the user’s choice. A new filter in the Import Module identifies and converts characters whose encoding doesn’t conform to the UTF-8 standard, and the exports maintain the UTF-8 encoding to ensure appropriate display and successful use in receiving applications. There’s even an "I don’t know. Use the system default encoding" option in the Administrative Module. Users can view several different languages and character sets (such as in a combined Chinese, Russian and English thesaurus) simultaneously.

Additional export formats support content management systems that have special formatting requirements such as Ektron, NorthPlains, Clearspace (SAP) and Alfresco. This expands the options from the SKOS, Zthes, OWL, HTML, MARC, CSV, comma delimited, several XML, and other options already included.

Candidate term behavior is also enhanced through choosing if new terms will be added automatically as Candidates, and whether Candidate terms should be suggested by M.A.I. from the "Get MAI" button or one of the batch processing commands. This option can be turned off for production.

Data Harmony 3.7 offers better alphabetization through the treatment of dash and slash characters as spaces, so that terms containing them occur in a logical place in the alphabetical list view. Traditional sorts are still included.

Users of Data Harmony 3.7 now have three choices for service: 1) hosting Data Harmony on their server; 2) hosting it on Access Innovations’ secure server and accessing it with a simple-to-install client application and a monthly subscription via a Software as a Service (SaaS) option; or 3) accessing Data Harmony tools from within a web browser – a true Cloud module. Data Harmony Collaborative Workflow enables tracking and locking of records, allowing many people to work from various locations simultaneously. Distributed multinationals can work in the same thesaurus at the same time and immediately track what everyone else is doing. A new comment-only user permission level allows reviewers to add comments directly to a thesaurus but not add or change terms, providing an ongoing conversation about the work.

New web service connectors extend API functions, allowing users to integrate M.A.I. into their workflow, integrating with any CMS, ECM, MDM, search software or web portal. Also, the SharePoint Classifier, SharePoint Categorizer, and MarkLogic Open Enrichment Framework connectors have been enhanced to work from within the applications as well as upload to them.

A new Data Harmony add-on, the Author Submission System, easily captures required metadata, including indexing subject terms, selected by the author from terms suggested by Data Harmony’s M.A.I. Additional author-suggested terms aid in continuing thesaurus development. Stored in flexible XML format, submissions can be converted to HTML or PDF format or fed directly into a publishing management system.

Additionally, separate guides for the user, administrator, and developer have all been updated. The in-application help text has also been updated.

For more information about Data Harmony 3.7 or to request a free demonstration of the software, persons can call (505) 998-0800 or 1-800-926-8328, or email Jay Ven Eman at For information about Access Innovations, visit

About Access Innovations

Incorporated in 1978, Access Innovations, Inc. is now in its 32nd year of providing information management services. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the organization provides services to a broad range of public and private organizations throughout the United States and the world. Access Innovations has extensive experience with, and deep knowledge of, Internet technology applications, bibliographic database creation, and thesaurus/taxonomy creation and application. The company has created and augmented more taxonomies than any other company The Access Innovations Data Harmony software includes automatic and machine-assisted indexing, thesaurus management, and an XML Intranet System (XIS) for content creation developed to meet production environment needs. Data Harmony is used by companies of all sizes and focuses, including Fortune 100 companies, university libraries, corporate and technical information centers, and domestic and foreign government agencies.

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