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Access Innovations Announces New Series of Data Harmony Suite Enhancements For MarkLogic Server Users

Press Release: Access Innovations [April 22, 2010]

April 22, 2010 -- Albuquerque, NM. Access Innovations, a leader in semantic enrichment and taxonomy development, today announced a new series of enhancements to their Data Harmony suite of content enrichment and thesaurus management tools specifically targeted to publishers and enterprises using MarkLogic Server. By creating and integrating subject metadata based on a taxonomy or controlled vocabulary, the Data Harmony tools add value to content in a number of ways:

  • Improving the search experience for site visitors with better precision and recall, customized presentation of search results, and guidance for the user;
  • Improving website navigation by enabling users to browse the full "tree" of broader, narrower, and related terms in the taxonomy;
  • Addressing the varying needs of different kinds of visitors by providing different views of the taxonomy and targeted "pick lists" of controlled terms;
  • Unlocking the value of "long-tail" content by increasing discovery within deep archives;
  • Cross-marketing to subscribers of one journal to subscribe or buy other journals from the collection;
  • Improving search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Enabling visualization and interactive functionality, including enriched "Tag Clouds" a map of concepts extracted from a set of documents a gateway to further discovery; and
  • Providing users with easy-to-use current awareness tools that alert them to new content in their specific areas of interest.

The Data Harmony suite of thesaurus management and content management tools is the result of 31 years of experience continually working to develop ways to make the various

parts of that process more efficient and more accurate. A major breakthrough has been the development of M.A.I. the Machine Aided Indexer, which makes it possible for human

categorizers ("indexers") to increase their efficiency and consistency while adding superior descriptive data, or by automating the indexing process entirely. Customers have experienced up to a seven-fold increase in productivity using M.A.I. while measurably improving consistency and coverage of individual records.

Access Innovations extends the capabilities of MarkLogic Server and powers enhanced user experiences through these Data Harmony products:

  • Data Harmony Metadata Extractor tags the metadata elements within documents, adds subject terms, and creates well formed XML from PDFs, MS Office files, and other formats. By creating XML from raw source data and making it ready to load into the MarkLogic XML Repository, Access Innovations assists publishers to get the full benefit of their investment in MarkLogic Server.
  • Data Harmony Search Harmony is a user interface/presentation layer which rides on top of MarkLogic Query (as well as SQL, Lucene and others.) Among the features this offers:
    • Auto completion using the taxonomy terms and their synonyms (preferred and non preferred terms)
    • Presentation of conceptually appropriate related terms to broaden the search, or narrower terms to refine the search
    • Presentation of all the data in a taxonomic navigation tree
    • Click a term in any display to deploy or refine a search
    • Recursive search ("search within a search")
  • Data Harmony Inline Tagging finds and tags thesaurus terms and concepts (identified by rules stored within the thesaurus rule base) within the full text of the article XML or in the PDFs. This inline tagging may be viewed in XML, converted to HTML style sheets for bolding or mouse-overs, or used in displayed search results, enabling users to pinpoint the exact point in the article where the searched-for concept is mentioned. A statistical summary, showing a list of terms and the number of times each term is mentioned in the article, is also generated.

About Access Innovations

Incorporated in 1978, Access Innovations, Inc. is now in its 32nd year of providing information management services. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the organization provides services to a broad range of public and private organizations throughout the United States and the world. Access Innovations has extensive experience with, and deep knowledge of, Internet technology applications, bibliographic database creation, and thesaurus/taxonomy creation and application. The Access Innovations Data Harmony software includes automatic and machine-assisted indexing, thesaurus management, and an XML Intranet production system developed to meet production environment needs. Data Harmony is used by companies of all sizes and focuses, from Fortune 100 companies to university libraries, corporate to technical information centers, and domestic and foreign government agencies.

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