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Another new integration feature with Libero

Press Release: LIBERO [March 8, 2010]

March, Brisbane. New, seamless integration with the NoveList electronic database provides Libero Libraries another way to maximise services for fiction readers.

The NoveList fiction database contains more than 135,000 titles and a range of features that provide new ways for users to interact with the catalogue, and select books or authors in the collection that match their interests.

Libero Libraries with a NoveList subscription can now provide access to reviews by library staff, authors and readers with similar tastes. Users can also view and print NoveList reading lists, annotated book likes and novel discussion guides, or use a quick search tool to ask questions of the collection such as "Are there books that are similar to those written by Jodi Picoult?".

NoveList also provides lexile scores to help younger patrons find books at an appropriate level of difficulty.

This latest integration feature provides another way for Libero Libraries to maximise customer services – in particular, services for fiction fans and younger readers. The feature will help maximise a library’s investment in the fiction collection by promoting fiction books or authors and the NoveList electronic database.

The new functionality is available, free to Libero Libraries using versions as early as 5.5 with a NovelList account.

Gosford City Library implemented the integration earlier this year with an immediate 76 percent increase in use of the NoveList database in the first month. The initial response from users has been positive, in particular in regards to the 'sidewards browsin' – using one author to wander over to find another - and links to author websites, feature articles and book discussion guide for members of a book club.

"As we hold approximately 33,800 fiction titles, with an estimated value of $896,000, any method of promoting this collection and connecting borrowers with new authors is valuable. I hope that our customers will use this feature to discover new authors to enjoy," said Librarian of Information Services at Gosford City Library, Philippa Johnson. "Implementing the Novelist link was not complicated, especially with prompt assistance from Libero Support. For such a small investment of time on our part, the benefits of this feature are clear. We hope to promote this to the public in the near future" She said.

The integration is facilitated by Libero’s innovative Open URL functionality. The feature encapsulates industry-leading "Open URL" methodologies to draw the functionality from other systems such as NoveList seamlessly into Libero. Users can locally apply business rules to control the behaviour of the link between Libero and any number of services, external suppliers and resources such as electronic databases, cataloguing tools and peripherals such as barcode scanners required to deliver services.

The supreme level of integration and control over external systems in use with Libero provides ultimate flexibility to use tools that can deliver massive gains in productivity, services and information management.

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