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3M Announces Compatibility with Future ISO RFID Tag Data Standards

Press Release: 3M Library Systems [January 6, 2010]

ST. PAUL, Minn., January 6, 2010 -- 3M announced today that their RFID system will be compatible with the future global RFID Tag Data Standard for Libraries, ISO 28560. The new RFID Tag data standard will be published early this year. Until now, there was not a global or international standard for tag data encoding.

"Our unique open design allows us to easily integrate with virtually any tag data format, including the models created by ISO," said Skip Driessen, RFID portfolio manager, 3M Library Systems. "We will be able to fully support these data models in 2010."

Until now, we have had only national data models and vendor-specific models. "There were a few countries in Europe that had developed their own national data models, but these were created prior to the new ISO standards and do not have the international scope of the ISO developments. Recently, there has been confusion in the industry in the U.S. and abroad about tag data formats. Some of this confusion resulted when vendors introduced systems designed around European requirements into the U.S. market. Some of these systems are compatible only with a particular national data model from Europe. "As a longstanding leader in the library community, 3M has always had an eye toward the future and designed our system to meet virtually any type of tag data model. A good example of this is a library system in California that has been working with 3M and two other US-based RFID vendors. Currently, we are the only supplier that provides the capability to read three different tag data formats simultaneously." according to Driessen.

The new ISO tag data standards will include two different tag data models libraries can adopt. In simple terms, one is a flexible model (ISO 28560-2), and one is a fixed model (ISO 28560-3). 3Mís system will have the capability to read or program either ISO data model, along with existing national data models, or many of the other vendorís data models.

Some countries have begun promoting one of the new standardized data models as a uniform choice for their countries. For example, the United Kingdom has selected the Flexible data model, because as its name implies, it offers more flexibility for libraries, both today and in the future.

"While our system design permits us to support either model, we expect the library community in the U.S. will unify around the Flexible data model, because of the enhanced benefits that it provides," noted Paul Sevcik, senior product development specialist, 3M Library Systems, who serves as an Expert Working Group member representing NISO and the U.S. on the ISO RFID in Libraries working group and has helped developed these global standards. He also noted that libraries should reference the best practice recommendation in "NISO RP-6-2008 RFID in US Libraries" for more guidance on these standards.

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