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Bibliotheca introduces new security and self-check solutions that support EM Barcodes and RFID simultaneously

Press Release: Bibliotheca [August 22, 2008]

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – August 22, 2008 – Bibliotheca Inc., open RFID solutions partner of choice to 300+ libraries worldwide, has introduced new, powerful BiblioHybrid solutions for security and patron selfservice. State-of-the-art BiblioHybrid solutions, with renowned BiblioChip RFID technology, work seamlessly with current electromagnetic (EM) barcode and RFID systems to make the transition to RFID as easy and affordable as possible, while integrating tightly with ILS systems to enhance efficiency for library staff. BiblioHybrid solutions also offer sleek, user-friendly designs that library management and patrons will find visually appealing. BiblioHybrid security and self-check solutions are immediately available for order by libraries in North America and around the globe.

BiblioGate Hybrid security gates not only trigger acoustic and visual signals when patrons attempt to exit without properly checking out materials, but they simultaneously detect library materials fitted with electromagnetic (EM) barcodes and RFID. The new BiblioGate Hybrid is the perfect solution for libraries in the process of transitioning to RFID but need a security gate that will, in the meantime, safeguard their mixed media collections. The new BiblioGate Hybrid product also provides a reliable, hassle-free solution for many libraries whose previous experience with EM security gates involved the hassles of responding to countless false alarms — perhaps motivating them to disable the gates altogether and to lose confidence in the reliability of RFID gates. The BiblioGate Hybrid system brings peace of mind and optimum security by featuring:

  • Triple antennas for the industry’s highest 3D, high-identification rates, which means the gates will detect EM strips and RFID chips no matter how they’re positioned or held by the patron
  • Reliable performance with acoustic and visual alarm signals
  • BiblioGate Tracker software for managing information on materials that trigger alarm signals
  • Outstanding ILS integration
  • A variety of configurations (single, double, and triple gates) that meet customers’ current and future needs
  • Appealing, sleek design that fits well in any library décor
  • Remote diagnostics, which make it quick and easy for library staff to manage the BiblioGate Hybrid security system

Bibliotheca’s new Biblio SelfCheck Hybrid solution support patron self-service for checking materials out and in, paying fines, extending due dates, and more for library collections that include materials fitted with both electromagnetic (EM) strips and RFID chips.

"No longer is your choice between remaining with EM or moving to RFID all at once," said Lamar Jackson, president and CEO of Bibliotheca Inc. "Now, libraries can continue using EM, while making the transition to RFID over time while using the same versatile Bibliotheca self-check solutions." The Biblio SelfCheck Hybrid, powered by BiblioChip technology, features:

  • Support for self-service for checking materials out and in, paying fines, and extending due dates
  • Full support for electromagnetic (EM) barcodes and RFID tags
  • Outstanding ILS integration for enhanced library staff efficiency
  • Customer-oriented adaptation of diverse, optional hardware and software functions
  • Smooth interface communication with all leading library systems
  • Sleek, user-friendly design that patrons will find appealing

Jackson concluded, "Most libraries today are thinking about RFID as a key technology for the future. At the same time, they’re faced with the challenges of maximizing productivity and security without stretching their limited budgets. That’s why they need a technology partner that offers practical solutions to expanding needs, even if they can’t afford to make the total transition to RFID all at once."

About Bibliotheca Inc.

With global headquarters in Switzerland and operations in the Americas and Asia-Pacific, Bibliotheca Inc. is the RFID solutions partner of choice to more than 300 libraries worldwide. For more than a decade, Bibliotheca’s reputation has been built on delivering a complete line of practical, scalable RFID solutions that optimize library circulation workflow, staff productivity, and customer service. Now Bibliotheca extends its industry leadership with a new family of solutions that support both EM barcodes and RFID simultaneously, making it easy and affordable for libraries to transition to RFID at a pace that is right for them. And everything Bibliotheca offers is backed by a global customer service organization committed to the success of our customers. Call 1-800-892-5971 or visit for more details.

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