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AquaBrowser announces the launch of My Discoveries: Web 2.0 re-invented for libraries

Press Release: Medialab Solutions [April 18, 2007]

AquaBrowser, the world leader in visual faceted search that connects to any data source, further increases its leading position in user expertise by revolutionizing the concept of Web 2.0 to an experience perfectly fitted to the library user - both patrons and professionals.

Called My Discoveries, this is the pinnacle of Web 2.0-style user interaction for libraries, offering

  • Lists that users can make for themselves or make public to help others
  • Tagging, Reviewing and Scoring on any item
  • Personal profiles

By using a unique workflow, AquaBrowser maximizes the value of the content created by users and librarians (tags, reviews, lists, et cetera) both to the user and to the community.

With over 200 library customers worldwide, AquaBrowser now gives library patrons and professionals alike the kind of features they are familiar with in social networking websites. If the library is made for the community, it can also be made by the community.

The Worldwide Virtual Library Community

A breakthrough in My Discoveries is that it can connect all libraries using AquaBrowser, forming an instant worldwide virtual library community with no physical boundaries. Social searching and contributions cut across global communities. Contributed content, opinion, and information are shared among users worldwide. AquaBrowser's global library network is the future of libraries.

AquaBrowser supports the user's library experience from finding the right query to laying hands on a physical book, or reading full-text articles online. Users can fully personalize their library interface by saving their results to lists, and exporting to many popular formats. AquaBrowser connects people and knowledge by offering user tagging and user reviews on any item in your collection. This kind of social searching perfectly combines human intelligence with search algorithms to perform information retrieval. User tags and reviews from the local library users will only add to the ability of community libraries to be tailored for the people they are intended, because those very people will be giving their input to almost every dynamic of the library catalog.

Come Together

Underneath all of that, AquaBrowser is still the leading search infrastructure, connecting to any number of electronic sources, combining the library's collection with any database, website, or set of information, and making all that rich data available right in front of the user in a single search location.

AquaBrowser is the first search tool to use human knowledge in combination with computer search tools in a library system. Your library will truly empower your patrons and give them the same kind of participatory tools that are fueling today's Internet. These tools will emphasize the library's role in society and make better use of the library's resources. With AquaBrowser, the user is put center stage. AquaBrowser makes the most of what your library already has.

Open For Business

In another area, AquaBrowser is also taking the lead again: all public content is completely open. In contrast to the old existing culture of closed systems, AquaBrowser opens up all public user content using standard, open web services for anyone to tap into. And furthering the support for modern, open standards, My Discoveries also supports OpenID, the new open standard for user identification.

About Medialab Solutions BV

AquaBrowser is the world leader in visual faceted search that connects to any data source. Its creators at Medialab Solutions focus all efforts toward creating successful searching solutions with invigorating passion to maintain all libraries as superior sources of information and knowledge. AquaBrowser can be found in libraries around the world,

including over 120 libraries in the USA and 80% of all public libraries the Netherlands. For more information about the company, access or contact us directly.

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Issue:April 18, 2007
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