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Chinese Chongqing Library selects ALEPH 500

Press Release: Ex Libris [April 12, 2007]

Beijing, China -- April 12, 2007. Ex Libris (China) is pleased to announce that Chongqing Library, located in the city of Chongqing, has selected the ALEPH 500 integrated library system to serve the city's brand new library, which will open in June 2007.

"We were impressed with the system architecture, openness, and flexibility of the ALEPH 500 system during our evaluation process," noted Ms. Song Jizhen, deputy director of Chongqing Library and leader of the system evaluation and selection team. "We also received very good feedback regarding the Company's professional services and the technical support offered by local staff from ALEPH 500 customers that we visited. Based on all of these track records, we are fully confident in the success of our ALEPH 500 project," added Ms. Song.

"With the addition of Chongqing Library, one of the largest public libraries in China, to our ever expanding Chinese customer base, ALEPH 500 has taken first place in the number of Chinese installations of an integrated library system developed outside of China," remarked Mr. Fucheng Shen, managing director of Ex Libris China. "We will work closely with Chongqing Library to successfully move this project into production by June 2007. The opening of the new library building is scheduled to coincide with the tenth anniversary celebration of the direct administration of the Chongqing Municipality by the central government of China. Chongqing joins the municipalities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin, all directly administered by the central government."

About Chongqing Library

Founded in 1947 and originally named the National Roosevelt Library in honor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States, the Chongqing Library is one of the largest comprehensive public libraries in China and a main center for document and information services. In addition to its collection of 3,600,000 books, the library houses collections of press, microfilm, and electronic documents.

Among the Library's collections of note are press documents on antifascist war; over 500,000 ancient rare books dating from the Song dynasty to the present, in mint condition; and a United Nations depository library now containing over 100,000 books and UN documents. The UN depository is aimed at disseminating information regarding the organization's activities through the deposit of documents in publicly accessible locations worldwide.

For additional information on Chongqing Library, see

About Ex Libris Group

Ex Libris Group is a leading worldwide developer and provider of high-performance applications for libraries, information centers, and researchers, with installations around the globe. Ex Libris Group's flagship ALEPH 500 and VoyagerŪ integrated library solutions are in use at over 3,000 sites worldwide. Other products from the Ex Libris suite, deployed at more than 1,300 sites, focus on the digital library and offer state-of-the-art, user-centric solutions for managing and providing informed access to electronic resources and digital assets.

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Issue:April 12, 2007
Publisher:Ex Libris
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