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AquaBrowser technology reaches British students with two new educational sites

Press Release: Medialab Solutions [April 26, 2006]

Medialab Solutions will build two new education sites for the Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, Directorate of Education and Lifelong Learning (DGFL), with AquaBrowser technology, each geared towards specific age groups and their needs. Having worked together in the past, Medialab Solutions will custom build the information portals, while the DGFL will focus on adding metadata and URLs that the AquaBrowser sites will connect to.

Dudley as a leading ICT region in the UK has a reputation for innovative use of ICT in schools. The Dudley Grid for Learning Staff, in consultation with pupils across the Borough, identified a need for a resource to help pupils make more effective use of the internet. Feedback from over 200 pupils across the Borough underscored frustration with the World Wide Web. All pupils (experienced internet users) reported wasted sessions and fruitless internet searching, trawling through lists of results and finding little of interest, relevance or matched to their requirements. For pupils the internet had become an obstacle to learning - not an aid.

Many of the pupils suggested the need for 'someone to put the good stuff somewhere we can get it quickly - so we can get on with learning!' Dudley and Medialab have listened to the pupils request for a customized search experience for teaching and learning.

No longer will pupils be required to waste time in the clutter that was once the Information Superhighway. From September, pupils, teachers and families will have access to the most dynamic search experience available. For the first time pupils will be able to personalize the search experience and make decisions that allow them to match the resources needed according to need, interest, maturity, ability and preferred media type.

To quote one student, Sam (age 12 years), "the AquaBrowser is simply the best search experience in the world!" Enough said!

The first site, called 'Chrysalis', will be a specially configured and designed site for ages 7-11 years. The second site, named 'Phoenix', is geared toward ages 12-18 years. The design elements in each site will make it both a fun and enjoyable experience for the appropriate age groups, as well as contain the functions necessary for these pupils to gather information in a user-friendly environment.

"AquaBrowser technology delivers a unique search experience for students. It is the only search experience that allows pupils to personalize their search and match results according to interest, maturity, ability and preferred media type. With AquaBrowser technology, our sites guarantee delivery of the richest resources in the fastest time and safest environment," stated John Davies, Learning Futures Advisor, DGFL.

"It is our pleasure to continue working with the Dudley Grid for Learning. The earlier projects we have developed for DGFL, such as 'Time Detective', have led us to the advanced search tools we are building for them today. These new sites will further show the multiple talents of AquaBrowser and show how useful it is in the education realm," commented Medialab Solutions CEO Bastiaan Zwaan.

Chrysalis and Phoenix will go live later this summer.

About Medialab Solutions BV

Medialab Solutions, the recognized market leader in OPAC search solutions for libraries in The Netherlands was founded in 1990. The company focuses its efforts toward creating successful searching solutions with invigorating passion to maintain all libraries as superior sources of information and knowledge. Striving to become the Number One search solution in the world, AquaBrowser technology can be found in libraries around the world, including 80% of Dutch public libraries. For more information about the company, access, or make direct contact at

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Issue:April 26, 2006
Publisher:Medialab Solutions
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