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Smart Libraries Newsletter [August 2005]


Reflecting its continued ambitious product development designed to meet the needs of academic libraries, Innovative Interfaces recently made a series of announcements about its new products and services. These products reflect the company's strategy of creating components that satisfy each aspect of functionality as demand emerges, preempting the need for its customer libraries to acquire these technologies from third-party vendors or from competitors. Some of the company's newly minted offerings include:

  • coverage data service for electronic resource management (ERM) and WebBridge--Through this service, Innovative periodically provides libraries with detailed data that describes its holdings of electronic journals based on its profile of subscriptions. This approach, made popular by companies such Serials Solutions, greatly simplifies the otherwise labor-intensive task of tracking all the titles and issues available through the library's collection of electronic subscriptions. By offering this service, Innovative saves the library some of the effort involved in integrating a service provided by a third-party company;
  • RSS feeds for Millennium--Responding to the rising popularity of RSS (really simple syndication), Innovative now offers the capability to display RSS feeds in a Millennium online catalog and tools to create RSS feeds based on queries made to the Millennium databases;
  • external patron verification--By providing authentication using LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol), this product allows users to login to the library's system using the same username and password they use for other campus services;
  • courseware integration--This allows students to search the library catalog directly from course pages in Blackboard without the need for a separate authentication; and
  • single sign-on-- This provides a persistent authentication across the multiple campus systems, and it allows the library automation system to be more integrated in the campus infrastructure and eliminates the frustration of having to enter usernames and passwords for each individual system visited.
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