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Settling into SirsiDynix

Smart Libraries Newsletter [November 2005]


Following the announcement in June 2005 that Sirsi Corp. would acquire Dynix, the formerly separate companies have been hard at work blending into a single organization. By the end of September 2005, the company publicized who will fill the top- and mid-level management positions. Overall, the executive management structure of the former Sirsi Corporation remains in tact, and most Dynix execs remain onboard as well.

The headquarters of SirsiDynix will be located in Huntsville, Alabama. The Dynix office in Provo, Utah, will remain in operation as will the Sirsi office in St. Louis, Missouri. Business, personnel, and administrative functions have been consolidated and will be run out of Huntsville.

Pat Sommers leads the company as president/CEO; Sirsi execs Don McCall and Larry Smith take the chief operating officer and chief financial officer positions, respectively. Angus Carroll continues his Sirsi role as chief marketing officer.

Former Dynix COO Bill Davidson will lead the SirsiDynix sales force and is one of the few that will relocate from Provo to Huntsville. Middle-management positions in sales divide more or less equally between former Sirsi and Dynix managers.

On the international front, SirsiDynix favors former Sirsi execs. Mark Carden (who ran Dynix sales for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) and Petros Demetriou (who served as Dynix VP for Asia Pacific) both exit, and Peter Gethin and Lamar Jackson will head up international sales. Gethin, who held the managing director position in Sirsi Ltd. (which sold and distributed Sirsi products in the United Kingdom and Europe), now serves as managing director for the U.K., Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Jackson, former Sirsi director of global alliances, takes a new post as VP for Asia Pacific.

Jack Blount, former Dynix CEO, continues as senior technical consultant and acting chief technology officer. Jeff Hagins, the former CTO at Dynix, left the company shortly following the merger. John Dickson, Sirsi VP of software development, continues in that role. Byers Parsons, chief architect for Dynix, takes a similar role in the new company. Lynn Thackery, also from the Dynix side, has been appointed as director of software development.

Slimmed Down Staff, but Not Support

Not surprisingly, the size of the new combined company stands somewhat smaller than the combined totals of Sirsi and Dynix prior to the acquisition. At year-end 2004, the combined workforce of the two companies totaled 789 full-time equivalent personnel. Some slimming down occurred by the time of the merger, with 725 FTE employed. At this stage of integration, SirsiDynix now employs 698 FTE. Most of this contraction was realized through the consolidation of administrative functions, such as human resources and accounting. The company reports all departments related to product development and support remain in tact.

SirsiDynix also says it will remain committed to supporting and developing both the Unicorn and Horizon family of integrated library systems. Given the large installed base for both Unicorn and Horizon, the company is highly motivated to continue development and support to foster continued loyalty of all the libraries that use either of these major products.

Other aspects of integration continue. A new Web site for the integrated company should be unveiled by the time of the ALA Midwinter Meeting. A single exhibition booth will also be unveiled at that conference.

All in all, the shape of the new SirsiDynix has been set, though it will take months or years for the integration process to complete. As the most powerful company in the industry in terms of the number of libraries affected by its business decisions, itís important to monitor the direction and execution of its strategies.

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