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Advanced Search Form for use with Endeavor Voyager

Press Release: National Agricultural Library [February 20, 2006]

The National Agricultural Library ( announces the release of a generic version of its custom search form -- BooleanCUBE (Boolean Canned URL-Based Experience). BooleanCUBE is an advanced search tool for the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA), but can be adapted for use with other Voyager OPACs.

The generic version of BooleanCUBE can be configured for use with Endeavor WebVoyage databases as an advanced search facility applying Boolean phrasing and other syntax through a user-friendly form. The new tool was designed and developed by Rachel Maderik, with assistance from Stuart Gagnon, both with NAL's Water Quality Information Center (WQIC).

BooleanCUBE adds valuable functionality to searches of Endeavor WebVoyage databases. Once configured, BooleanCUBE provides the ability to perform complex searches using multi-level nesting, field specific searching, and add optional limits including date(s), language, media type, document type and location. Searches generate permanent URLs that can be saved and reused at a later time. Since the URLs run dynamically, searches will continue to provide access to any new items matching a strategy.

BooleanCUBE includes a character counter and other helpful features. Over 560 characters are allowed in each search for building complex Boolean strategies while monitoring character limits. Buttons enter search parameters and tidy code automatically. The BooleanCUBE form is set to retain searches until cleared, so toggling between search results and the search form makes adjusting strategies and database-switching easy.

A working version of BooleanCUBE formats strategies for NAL's Endeavor Voyager (OPAC) system, AGRICOLA. The tool is available as the advanced search [ ] from AGRICOLA's main page. BooleanCUBE should be compatible with most Endeavor Voyager systems with minor adjustments.

BooleanCUBE is available for free download through the NAL Web site NAL Web site . Comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Please send comments to the NAL Research and Reader Services team, using E-mail:, or by telephone to 301-504-5755.

Disclaimer: The terms "Voyager" and "WebVoyage" are the property of Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. which in no way endorses this product.

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Publication Year:2006
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Issue:February 20, 2006
Publisher:National Agricultural Library
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Company: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.
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