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Cuadra Associates' STAR-DB makes star a dynamic data source for other applications

Press Release: [October 18, 2004]

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 18th, 2004 --- Cuadra Associates, Inc. (CA) a leading provider of knowledge management software products, announced today that it is shipping STAR-DB, an add-on module for the Cuadra STAR system and its well-known family of knowledge management solutions. STAR-DB automatically populates relational databases with STAR data and thereby allows STAR to become a "data source" for other system applications throughout the enterprise.

"Most IT departments no longer have the time or resources to undertake the development of full-scale knowledge applications such as those that meet the complex requirements for library automation, collections management, and digital asset or records management," said Judith Wanger, CA's Executive Vice President. "STAR-DB allows an organization to use STAR to create and manage these kind of applications and, at the same time, allow their STAR data to be used in other Enterprise-wide systems, with no special management operations.

STAR-DB can run on any of the many Unix, Linux or Windows platforms on which STAR itself runs and can be used with any RDBMS, including Oracle, MS-SQL Server, MS Access, and DB II. Regardless of the platform and RDBMS, STAR-DB automatically populates the RDBMS whenever an addition or change is made to any item in the STAR system. Thus, adding STAR-DB to the STAR system potentially extends the reach of specialized corporate collections into every area of the company, so that the data can be mined, presented, and used in a variety of ways.

CA customers in the U.S., Canada, and Austria are beginning to put STAR-DB into use. For one of these customers, a large government agency involved in earth sciences, the availability of STAR-DB meant that they could continue using STAR for the specialized applications for which it is the most appropriate solution but also contribute data in real time for an agency-wide, RDBMS-based application that draws on data from multiple systems.

STAR is a customizable knowledge management system that provides proper handling of descriptive or full-text information and fast-precise retrieval of information--tasks vital to any organization that has multiple, related knowledge management needs. STAR includes customizing capabilties to create unique applications and can easily be integrated with portals and other software packages, as well as supporting dynamic web publishing.

Users can choose to have STAR-DB reside on the same server as STAR, or to put it on a separate server. For more information on Cuadra or any of its products, contact Cuadra Associates, Inc. at 800-366-1390 or 310-478-0066; fax 310 477-1078. To see an interactive demonstration of the STAR system, visit the company's Web site at

About Cuadra Associates, Inc.

Founded in 1978, Cuadra Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of knowledge management software products. The core of every Cuadra product is STAR, an award-winning, multi-user, multi-purpose software package with the power and flexibility to manage collections of all types. STAR is unique in that it is able to manage collections from many types of environments, including libraries, records centers, archives, and museums. Many of these organizations have multiple, related information management needs that can be met with the single STAR software package.

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