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Browser-based textbook manager promises big savings for schools and districts

Press Release: Follett [June 20, 2004]

McHENRY, IL - June 20, 2004 - A browser-based textbook management system that allows schools and districts to save thousands of dollars in lost books and fine revenue is being introduced at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) by Follett Software Company. The new product, called Destiny Textbook Manager, is an easy-to-use system that saves districts and schools time and money by giving them total control of their textbook inventory - anytime, anywhere.

The announcement comes as many districts are finding out how devastating textbook losses can be to their budgets. In a recent Florida state audit, one 65,000-student district lost over $2 million worth of textbooks in a five-year period. During that time, on average nearly every student in the district lost one textbook.

Using Destiny Textbook Manager, school staff quickly check textbooks in and out of inventory using a barcode scanner. Because the program is entirely browser-based, books can be checked in or out at a scanner-equipped computer on the school's network. Destiny Textbook Manager records the holder of the book and its condition at check out, and updates condition information when the book is checked back in.

Destiny Textbook Manager can also be implemented on a centralized, district-wide basis. This creates a single textbook database for the district, allowing textbooks to be efficiently transferred between schools. District-wide implementation simplifies setup, because individual schools don't need to install any application locally to begin using Destiny Textbook Manager. It also allows districts to hold students accountable for fines and replacements when they change schools.

By providing total control of textbook inventory, Destiny can save schools and districts tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars:

  • Textbook Losses: By showing schools exactly who has returned textbooks - and who hasn't - Destiny Textbook Manager helps hold students and parents accountable, reducing the number of textbooks lost.
  • Textbook Damage: Destiny Textbook Manager also keeps track of the condition of each book, allowing schools to accurately identify which students are responsible for book damage. Schools collect replacement fees quickly, with fewer disputes.
  • Lost Fine Revenue: Destiny Textbook Manager can be customized with the school or district's fine and replacement fee policies, keeping track of exactly which students owe how much money. It can even automatically generate letters home, informing them of how much their student owes. Features like these help schools and districts collect a larger portion of the fine revenue that's due.
  • Textbook Overorders: By knowing at all times the location of every textbook in inventory, schools and districts are able to shift textbooks to classrooms and schools where they're needed. Destiny Textbook Manager helps schools and districts insure that they don't waste money by reordering textbooks they don't really need.
  • Lost Staff Time: Manual textbook accounting schemes often require a substantial amount of staff time. Destiny Textbook Manager can sharply cut the personnel expenses related to textbook management, because it uses a fast, simple point-and-scan data entry system.

Destiny Textbook Manager joins Follett's acclaimed Destiny Library Manager to form the Destiny Resource Management Solution. Products in the Destiny line use easy-to-use browser-based technology to allow schools and districts better control of their book inventories. Destiny Textbook Manager may be implemented alone on a school- or district-wide basis. It may also be implemented along with Destiny Library Manager, allowing schools or districts to integrate their library and textbook data for more efficient reporting, management and purchasing.

About Follett Software Company

For nearly two decades, Follett Software Company has led the way in district library technology. The company offers a range of proven software and service solutions to help districts and schools link learning resources to state standards more effectively, manage library and other assets more efficiently, increase students' access to information more easily, and control the safety of Internet use more effectively.

More than 37,000 customers in almost half the nation's school districts have chosen Follett Software. Follett Software Company is part of Follett Corporation, whose mission is to be the leading provider of educational solutions, services and products that empower schools, libraries, colleges, students and life-long learners.

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