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Dynix appoints Bill Davison as COO, makes other key appointments

Press Release: Dynix [June 15, 2004]

PROVO, Utah--June 15, 2004--Dynix, the world's leading provider of automation technologies, solutions, and services for libraries, today announced several executive-level appointments designed to fortify its customers' installations and lay the groundwork for the expansion of the company's future business operations in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the library industry. Notice of the organizational changes comes as a result of the company's on-going operational excellence and strategic planning work.

Bill Davison, who most recently served as executive vice president of sales and marketing, has been promoted to chief operating officer, replacing Julian Critchfield, who recently resigned to accept a position at Oracle Corporation. Davison will report directly to President and CEO Jack Blount and will serve on Dynix' Executive Management Committee. Davison is responsible for establishing and leading a world-class sales, service, and marketing organization for Dynix and for improving its overall effectiveness and impact on a global scale. Davison is known inside and outside the company for his devotion to building closer relationships with Dynix customers and partners and for ensuring their needs are heard, understood, and served.

Davison has been analyzing and managing in the enterprise software industry since 1992 and has been an invaluable resource to analysts and the media for identifying trends and validating the worth of innovative technology solutions. Davison has worked in executive and management capacities for several publicly traded technology companies including EDS, Indus, and Convergent Group. Prior to joining Dynix in 2003, Davison held the position of vice president of sales and customer delivery for four years at Raindance Communications (NASDAQ: RNDC), where he reinvented the company's sales and service models and grew revenue significantly year over year by optimizing the firm's 100+ person sales force with new processes, communication, training initiatives, and sales force automation and customer relationship management tools.

"Dynix customers and industry watchers will continue to see our progress in the development of world-class library solutions expanded and expedited. With the alignment of support with sales and marketing, libraries will experience superior needs assessment and improved on-going solutions assistance," Davison said.

Eric Keith, who worked at Dynix from 1989 to 1998, and rejoined the company in 2003 as director of academic sales, assumes the role of vice president of operations. During his tenure at Dynix, Keith has held numerous cross-functional positions within the organization, including vice president of customer sales and director of business development. Prior to his executive and managerial posts within the firm, Keith held programming, sales, and support staff positions.

"I am energized and enthusiastic about playing an integral role in the company's creation of an atmosphere focused on continued operational improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction," Keith said. "Particularly, as a long-time Dynix employee, I am excited to be working more closely with our libraries and to be serving the many customers with whom I have developed relationships over the past 15 years."

Company veteran and long-time librarian Steve Nielsen, previously the company's vice president of strategic planning, undertakes the role of vice president of product management. Reporting directly to CEO Jack Blount, Nielsen will drive product strategy and enhancement efforts by working in tandem with engineering to optimize development efforts and manage future software release timeframes. In this new function, Nielsen also provides the senior team with a significant level of in-depth library expertise. Nielsen has worked with libraries since 1985 and has been a former customer service manager and director of development and product management for Dynix.

Nielsen has published numerous articles relating to library technology issues and co-wrote a biweekly column on computer networks in Computers in Libraries magazine for three years. He is a regular presenter to library associations across the United States and abroad, sharing his research and understanding of significant industry issues, including library networking and automation, client/server computing, and information services.

"Because of my career as a librarian and as a veteran of the library technology industry, I recognize how important it is to provide our customers and the library community with leading products with rich functionality that utilize the latest standards," Nielsen said. "As vice president of product management, I will work closely with our customers to ensure we exceed their expectations as we provide visionary library management products."

"I am excited and pleased to announce these appointments," said Dynix President and CEO Jack Blount. "Over the past two years, we have made great strides to actively demonstrate our commitment to advance library technology and to release quality products. At a time when Dynix leads the industry in new-name sales, the appointments of Bill Davison as COO, of Eric Keith as vice president of operations, and of Steve Nielsen as vice president of product management will ensure we continue on our successful course of progress."

About Dynix

Dynix is the global leader in 'new-name' sales of library management systems and has the largest installed customer base of any library technology vendor. As a committed advocate of the library community, Dynix is pleased to serve academic, special, school, public, and consortium libraries in over 40 countries. Dynix staffs more than 100 professional librarians on its team and applies this expertise to lead the industry in software functionality and innovation. Since 1983, Dynix has provided customers visionary technology solutions that support the latest industry standards and offer intuitive functionality. For complete corporate information and a guide to Dynix products and services, visit

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