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Dynix commits vision of the future to consortia as two consortia go live on Horizon 7.3

Press Release: Dynix [June 21, 2003]

Abstract: Dynix announced that the Library Consortium of Eastern Idaho and Utah State University have recently launched Horizon 7.3, an LMS platform uniquely designed to meet the special and diverse needs of library consortia.

TORONTO, Canada – June 21, 2003 – At this year's American Library Association Annual Conference, Dynix leadership reiterated its belief that the library community is moving toward the consortium model, and as such, plans to leverage its expertise across market segments to better serve library consortia. Dynix products will continue to provide highly customizable library management solutions (LMS) while providing additional functionality to consortium-based libraries.

“The benefits of belonging to a consortium are clear, and those benefits are amplified in times of economic recession,” said Dynix President and CEO Jack Blount. “At Dynix, we want to provide libraries with sophisticated solutions that work in academic, school, special and public environments, and make it easier for libraries to work collaboratively.”

In support of this vision, Dynix announced today that the Library Consortium of Eastern Idaho (LCEI) and Utah State University have recently launched Horizon 7.3, an LMS platform uniquely designed to meet the special and diverse needs of library consortia.

By participating in a consortium, libraries are able to extend access to more resources than any single library could possibly purchase and maintain on its own.

“While the upgrade to Horizon 7.3 represents a giant step forward for all of our libraries, the biggest benefit is that our smaller libraries will have access to a wealth of new resources,” said Nancy Donahoo, library director of LCEI. With a total of 28 members, the LCEI includes most of the libraries in eastern Idaho.

At the same time, libraries need to maintain a certain level of autonomy in order to best serve their patrons. These dueling priorities require an LMS that eases resource-sharing processes while offering highly customizable interfaces for both staff and patrons.

“We needed an LMS system that we could fit to our academic setting, which varies dramatically from systems used in public libraries,” said Todd Hugie, systems administrator for Utah State University Libraries. “Horizon 7.3, and in particular the Horizon Information Portal, gives us the flexibility to give our patrons exactly what they need.”

Utah State University is the first member of the 25-library Utah Academic Library Consortium to upgrade to Horizon 7.3, though the others are expected to follow over the next several months. The consortium includes college and university libraries from Utah and Nevada, as well the State of Utah's Government Library Division.

Horizon 7.3 has several key differentiators that make it the clear choice for consortia looking to implement an LMS system.

Working in synchronicity with Horizon 7.3 and Horizon Information Portal 2.1, Horizon Reciprocal Borrowing 1.0 is an industry-first solution that allows “in person” interlibrary loans across a variety of vendors' systems by means of the new NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol (NCIP) standard.

To meet the demand of users who draw upon the resources of multiple libraries, Horizon Reciprocal Borrowing 1.0 enables libraries with reciprocal borrowing agreements to authenticate visiting users in real time, discovering their current status regarding blocks, fines owed, and expiration dates. Once a visiting user is authenticated, staff can use local patron types to add the user to the local database as either a temporary, one-time user, or as a barcoded, permanent user, all with a single keystroke. Horizon Reciprocal Borrowing 1.0 delivers significant cost savings to all libraries that provide interlibrary loan services and is the first solution of its kind in the industry.

Horizon Reciprocal Borrowing 1.0 works with library automation systems that support NCIP, such as Horizon 7.3, but also with non-NCIP ILS systems, such as Dynix ILS 190. Non-NCIP systems are supported through the NCIP Gateway, a built-in function of the solution that converts NCIP messaging into scripts that can be read by character-based systems.

The new cluster holds feature of Horizon 7.3 improves circulation efficiency by allowing library staff to achieve specific material management through the use of circulation groups, through which specific materials can be reserved for predetermined clusters of users.

As well, the new Horizon Authority Loader will allow a library to control how authorities are created and updated within its system. It uses algorithmic sequences built on NACO standards to normalize authority records during the importation and creation processes. NACO normalization is also used throughout the system for indexing, searching, and matching authority records. The Horizon Authority Loader eliminates the duplication of records and ensures that authority data is reliable by eliminating human error. Additionally, staff time is made available for other technical workflows and user services.

Also in the product roadmap, Dynix plans to further strengthen its offerings for consortium libraries by building stronger Union Catalog support. This will enable consortium libraries to determine who can view, modify, or delete information at the various levels of bibliographic records, including tags and subfields.

About Dynix

Celebrating its twentieth year of service to the library community, Dynix is the world's pioneer provider of library information management systems. As a committed advocate of the library community, Dynix serves academic, special, school, public, and consortium libraries in over 40 countries. With more than 100 professional librarians on staff and proven experience in software leadership, Dynix is focused on providing customers visionary technology solutions that support the latest industry standards and offer intuitive functionality. For complete corporate information and a guide to Dynix products and services, visit

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