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Dynix announces significant product development plans for 2003

Press Release: Dynix [January 24, 2003]

Abstract: Dynix announced several key product development initiatives for 2003, including: major upgrades to Horizon (version 7.3), its Information Portal product (version 3.0), and plans to enhance its current Interlibrary Loan offering (version 1.0). New product initiatives were also revealed, including Horizon Reports Manager 1.0, Horizon Debt Collect 2.0, which is now available for Horizon customers, and Horizon Reciprocal Borrowing 1.0—a first of its kind offering in the industry. Dynix also announced Microsoft SQL Server 2000 support for Horizon.

PROVO, Utah – January 24, 2003 – Dynix announced today several key product development initiatives for 2003, including plans to upgrade key offerings while at the same time launching new products. Leading the way, Dynix announced major upgrades to its flagship Horizon information management system (version 7.3), its powerful Information Portal product (version 3.0), and plans to enhance its current Interlibrary Loan offering (version 1.0). New product initiatives were also revealed, including Horizon Reports Manager 1.0, Horizon Debt Collect 2.0, which is now available for Horizon customers, and Horizon Reciprocal Borrowing 1.0—a first of its kind offering in the industry. Dynix also announced Microsoft SQL Server 2000 support for Horizon.

Horizon 7.3

Introduced in 1993 as a revolutionary alternative to dumb terminal automation systems, the Horizon information management system has continually grown and developed to provide highly customizable, leading-edge solutions to manage staff workflows and empower library users. The key to Horizon's customization is the Launcher that allows staff users to create a desktop environment customized to their unique needs. Horizon also includes the industry's most powerful MARC editor.

Already the most functionally rich information management system available, Horizon will receive additional features in its next scheduled release and continue to lead the market in providing powerful solutions for libraries. Horizon 7.3 includes many enhancements to its Acquisitions and Circulation modules as well as other key features such as closed stack access, clustered holds, duplicate borrowers, acquisitions workslips support, a new NCIP responder, and the ability to archive purchase orders and use both primary and secondary vendors. The new release will be available in the second quarter of 2003.

Horizon Reports Manager 1.0

Horizon Reports Manager is a new easy-to-use reporting tool that provides a number of standard reports without requiring staff users to interpret database schema or employ specialized knowledge of SQL scripts and commands against Horizon's integrated relational SQL database. Standard reports can be modified and saved to the database to be shared with other library staff or even other Dynix libraries. The first group of standard reports, available in the first quarter of 2003, deals exclusively with school information. New report groups will be delivered via Web download every quarter and will add standard support for academic, public and special library reports.

Horizon Information Portal 3.0

Horizon Information Portal (previously called iPac) is a Web-based portal that provides users the most powerful search and retrieval tool available today. Using powerful consolidated searching features, Horizon Information Portal can be used to access a wide variety of library resources in a single query, including the library catalog, subscription databases, Web sites, digital archives, and enriched content.

Dynix recognizes the need for a powerful and complete information portal and is continuing to add functionality that enhances the broad capabilities of its Horizon Information Portal solution. Horizon Information Portal 3.0 will add functionality by delivering online self-registration and personalization services, easier administration, enhanced searching, deduplication of results from consolidated searches, a single point of authentication, selective dissemination of information and OpenURL support. This new release will be available in the third quarter of 2003.

Horizon Reciprocal Borrowing

Scheduled for general release in the first quarter of 2003, Horizon Reciprocal Borrowing is a revolutionary new ASP service that allows “in person” interlibrary loans across a variety of vendors' systems by means of the new NCIP standard. (In addition, third party text-based ILS systems that do not provide NCIP are supported through sophisticated screen-scraping technology.) To meet the demand of users who draw upon the resources of multiple libraries, this product enables libraries with reciprocal borrowing agreements to authenticate visiting users in real-time, discovering their current status regarding blocks, fines owed, and expiration dates. Once a visiting user is authenticated, staff can use local patron types to add the user to the local database as either a temporary, one-time user or as a barcoded, permanent user, all with a single keystroke. Horizon Reciprocal Borrowing will deliver significant cost savings to all libraries that provide interlibrary loan services and is the first solution of its kind in the industry.

Horizon Interlibrary Loan

An upgrade to the existing URSA and RSS Dynix products, Horizon Interlibrary Loan enables individual libraries and multi-vendor consortia to provide the most automated, streamlined workflow in the industry, based on Z39.50, NCIP, SIP2 and ISO ILL standards. Patrons search virtual catalogs, place requests for articles, books and other types of materials, and review their own requests online. Staff members manage transactions in automated or mediated mode, using NCIP messaging to fully integrate with a variety of circulation systems on both the borrowing and lending side, saving time and avoiding duplicate workflows.

An ASP-hosted service, Horizon Interlibrary Loan supports extended circulation and NCIP DCB standards. It enables article and multi-volume requesting and provides library staff with reports essential to collection development, copyright management, and user billing. Horizon Interlibrary Loan will be available in the third quarter of 2003.

Horizon Debt Collect 2.0

In partnership with Unique Management Services, Dynix announces the availability of Horizon Debt Collect 2.0 for both Horizon and Dynix ILS customers. This solution provides libraries with a vital cost effective method for recovering long-overdue library materials and corresponding fees. In addition, it reduces the amount of staff time libraries typically spend in debt collection.

With its Java-based functionality and graphical interface, Horizon Debt Collect is highly customizable and can be configured to match a library's specific collection policies. It provides powerful reporting capabilities to track delinquent users and automatically provides updates to Unique Management Services for further attention. Libraries using Horizon Debt Collect in conjunction with Unique Management Services have reported a recovery rate of at least 50 percent for overdue fines and materials. Horizon Debt Collect will be available during the first quarter of this year.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Support

Dynix is pleased to announce support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as an option to Sybase SQL as their standard Horizon database. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 has wide acceptance among many computer users and many libraries are already knowledgeable about Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Using a processor-based licensing model, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 provides economic value and can be an attractive database option for libraries using the Horizon information management system. Dynix has announced a strategic direction of database independence, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is the next step in providing that capability. This option is now available to Horizon customers.

“We are excited about the depth and breadth of our new Horizon product offers for 2003,” said President and CEO Jack Blount. “Utilizing our strong technology expertise and the company's domain expertise, Dynix will continue to bring exciting new technologies to market. Our recent and emerging product developments demonstrate our commitment to be responsive to customer feedback and market demand, but this is just a glimpse of things to come.” Blount said that moving forward, Dynix will focus on continued development of its Horizon information management system in its ongoing role as a pioneer in the library community.

About Dynix

Celebrating its twentieth year of service to the library community, Dynix is the world's pioneer provider of library information management systems. As a committed advocate of the library community, Dynix serves academic, special, school, public, and consortium libraries in over 40 countries. With more than 100 professional librarians on staff and proven experience in software leadership, Dynix is focused on providing customers visionary technology solutions that support the latest industry standards and offer intuitive functionality. For complete corporate information and a guide to Dynix products and services, visit

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