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Arthritis in the national TV news: 1971-1981

Journal of Rheumatology []


Abstract: Millions of Americans get virtually all their current events information from the national nightly television news programs. The purpose of this study was to learn via the Vanderbilt Television News Archives what arthritis-related information had been broadcast over the last 11 years by the network news programs. In the last 11 years there have been 23 arthritis related news segment. In comparison there were 32 about diabetes, 215 about heart diseases, and 925 dealing with cancer. A compilation of the non-overlapping segments has been shown to health professionals and patients, who felt the stories were generally accurate.

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Publication Year:1983
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: Journal of Rheumatology
Publication Info:Volume 10
Place of Publication:Toronto
Notes:From the Materials and Methods section, p. 323: The procedure was simple and direct. Every nightly television news program broadcast by the 3 commercial national networks from 1971 through 1981 was searched for arthritis-related segments via the indices of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive (VTNA). The VTNA, a resource unique to Vanderbilt University, is a videotape collection of evening newscasts of the 3 major American commercial television networks, ABC, CGS, and NBC, from August 5, 1968 through the present. There are no other such collections dated back that far. The contents of each broadcast have been catalogued and indexed.
Subject: Vanderbilt Television News Archive -- Research Use
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