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Library Technology Guides provides a variety of resources related to libraries, the technology products and services they use, and the organizations involved in producing these products and services. The resources within the site represent countless hours of effort since the site's creation in 1999. Many commercial companies, libraries, library school faculty and students, content providers, and others regularly make use of these resources in the course of thier professional responsibilities or scholarly research. Library Technology Guides operates on a business model of voluntary contributions which defray expenses for hosting and provide compensation to Marshall Breeding who founded the site and creates almost all of its content. To ensure the ongoing viability of the site, please consider making in-kind or financial contributions.

Volunteer your time

All efforts contributed by individuals to maintain the content in Library Technology Guides are appreciated. Adding or updating entries in the directory of libraries is the easiest way to participate, but other opportunities can also be arranged. Any registered member can add or update entries in, which are then automatically flagged for review. If you are interested working on a specific set of library entries or need additional instructions, Contact Marshall Breeding.

One-time Financial Contributions

Libraries and individuals can also make financial contributions. If your library has made use of Library Technology Guides to support a selection or procurement process for a major technology product, such as an integrated library system, library services platform, or discovery service, please consider making a one-time donation. Any amount helps, but consider the value of the information provided versus the cost of contracting with a consultant to provide assistance.

Students enrolled in programs related to Library and Information Science may regularly rely on articles, reports, or data from Library Technology Guides as part of their studies. Free use of Library Technology Guides is explicitely granted for library schools, through voluntary contributions will helpensure the ongoing availability of these resources. Instructors in Library or iSchools which regulary assign readings from Library Technology Guides might consider asking their campus library to make a one-time contribution or ongoing subscription to the site.

Select the amount to contribute

Payments are processed via PayPay, which accepts credit and debit cards in addition to transfers from a PayPal account. You do not have to have a PayPal account if you choose the option "Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit" at the bottom of the right panel on the initial payment page.

Contributions to Library Technology Guides are not tax deductible but are personal income for Marshall Breeding in compensation for the ongoing operation of the site. In addition to the time devoted to its maintenance, Marshall personally pays for all hosting and infrastructure expenses and has developed the software that powers the site.

Commercial Sponsorship

A Commercial Sponsorship program is available to organizations involved in providing products and services to libraries which use the site as part of their marketing efforts, identifying potential customers, or general competitive intelligence about the library technology industry.

Contact Marshall Breeding for more details.