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CARE Affiliates

4445 Pearman
Blacksburg, VA 24060
United States
Toll free: 866-340-9580 x 801
Phone: 540-552-2912
Web site:


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Thursday Jan 18, 2018

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May 21, 2008. Ohio Public Library Information Network signs for OpenTranslators. Affiliates announced that the Ohio Public Library Information Network has signed a contract for the use of OpenTranslators. The OpenTranslators product is a hosted software service that allows libraries to use the federated search interface of their choice, be it proprietary or open source, in order to access thousands of databases using SRU/SRW/Z39.50. The available databases include: licensed databases, free databases, catalogs, Z39.50, Telnet and proprietary databases. OPLIN is planning to use the OpenTranslators with their local installation of Index Data’s federated search software. CARE offers OpenTranslators in conjunction with its strategic partners, Index Data and Serials Solutions/WebFeat. <<more>>

January 31, 2008. CARE announces new service packages. CARE Affiliates announced that they've expanded their suite of offerings with two new service packages including FaStart, a complete package of digital repository services for libraries and non-profit organizations, and CrOSS, a package for organizations that have developed open source software applications and wish to see the application broadly marketed and coupled with CARE provided commercial maintenance/support/development and hosting services. <<more>>

August 22, 2007. It's time to unlock your users searching need with MasterKey. CARE Affiliates announced the general release and availability of MasterKey, the metasearch service based on open source software. MasterKey is a new service for those libraries wanting a affordable and fast search tool, with a user-friendly interface that instantly retrieves results from hundreds of databases. It offers users ranked, merged results and faceted manipulation of the search results. Offered as a service, it is easy for libraries to sign up and start offering their users meta-searching, all without buying additional hardware, costly software or investing in extensive staff training. <<more>>

June 19, 2007. CARe Pairs. CARe Affiliates announced today that they have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Index Data of Copenhagen, Denmark. Under the agreement, CARe Affiliates will be able to sell services based on Index Data's open source products. They will also provide community-building services for users of Index Data's products. The two companies will share management and marketing expertise to advance the adoption of open source software and solutions in the profession <<more>>

June 18, 2007. Someone CARes. In response to concerns librarians have expressed over needing lower costs, more interoperability, control and flexibility in their automation solutions, CARe Affiliates, Inc. was formed. by Carl Grant, well known leader in the field of library automation and Lou Leuzzi, seasoned executive from the information solutions field. The company will use open source software as the basis for total solutions offered and supported by CARe. <<more>>