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Participate in the Perceptions 2008 International Library Automation Survey

Marshall Breeding.

We live in interesting times when it comes to automation strategies in libraries. Competition intensifies between traditional companies licensing their products and a new wave of open source challengers. I think that it is important to pursue research that gauges the effectiveness of the various approaches to help other libraries make decisions regarding their automation strategy.

2008 Library Automation Survey

Last year, I conducted the inaugural version of this survey, which resulted in the report titled "Perceptions 2007: an international survey of Library Automation." The 2007 survey included responses from 1,779 libraries.

Please respond to this year's version of the survey. I'm hoping for an even larger and more diverse response than we saw last year.

If you responded last year, please respond again this year. Even though many of the questions are the same, it is of great interest to measure any shifts in perceptions.

I'm especially interested in hearing any comments you have regarding the automation products used in your library and about the companies that support them. Consider this your chance to offer a few words in support of your vendor or to warn others regarding your concerns. Be candid. Your responses will not be publicly attributed to any individual or library in the published report. In last year’s report, we found the comments to be just as important in understanding the state of the industry as the structured responses.

How to participate

The survey links each response to the listing for a library in the lib-web-cats directory. This connection provides the ability to correlate responses with the extensive library demographic data in lib-web-cats.

  1. Find your library in lib-web-cats:
  2. Select and view the listing for your library
  3. Press the button
  4. Complete the form and write in your comments!

When viewing the entry for your library in lib-web-cats, please check for any incomplete or inaccurate information and let me know of any needed changes.

If your library isn't listed in lib-web-cats, please submit its information.

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