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Closing a chapter

Marshall Breeding.
Marshall Breeding

I will end my employment with the Vanderbilt University Library effective May 31, 2012. This marks the close of one track of my professional career, though opening more time for other threads of activity that have been underway for quite some time. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had over these 27 years through Vanderbilt University, which has proven to be a great launch pad for professional involvement in the broader library community.

I have had an interesting succession of roles for the library system at Vanderbilt University. My current title as the Director for Innovative Technology and Research follows other positions, including Library Technology Officer and the team leader for the Library Technology Team. My full-time work with the library began in February 1985 as the Circulation Supervisor of the Science Library. I have been involved with the Vanderbilt Television News Archive since 2001 and currently serve as its Executive Director. During my tenure with the library I have been afforded opportunities for involvement in a wide array of technology initiatives, including projects funded through grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Iíve played strategic and operational roles in the libraryís automation efforts. I was the recipient of the Libraryís Creativity and Innovation Award in 2002 and 2004.

If you are interested in the details about my academic and professional accomplishments see my c.v. or bio.

As I depart from full-time employment at Vanderbilt University, I will continue to be based in Nashville and will keep busy with consulting, writing projects, speaking engagements, with the operation of Library Technology Guides, as the co-chair of the NISO Open Discovery Initiative, and with other projects as they arise. As my time of full-time employment at Vanderbilt University concludes, I will continue to be actively involved with the broader library community. Iím fortunate to have many opportunities to apply my interest and expertise in technology in a rich variety of library organizations. Follow me through the next steps of my professional adventures on Library Technology Guides, on Twitter (@mbreeding), and Facebook.

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