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LITA Technology and Industry Interest Group

Marshall Breeding.
Library Information and Technology Association

“Bringing service organizations, vendors, IT providers, librarians, and library technologists together to discuss industry and technology trends.”

The newly organized LITA Technology and Industry Interest will meet at the ALA Midwinter Meeting:

Date: Saturday, January 21
Time: 10:30 – 12 noon
Place: Dallas Convention Center A303

Co-Chairs: Marshall Breeding (Vanderbilt University), Matt Goldner (OCLC)

The LITA and Technology Interest Group has been constituted to bring together members from companies and other organizations that produce technology-oriented products and services with members from libraries that depend on them. This IG facilitates the partnerships inherent in the relationship between vendors, including both commercial companies and non-profit organizations and libraries. It spans those involved in proprietary and open source software. These partnerships include involvement in collaborative development of new technology products, beta testing arrangements, involvement with API toolkits or other development platform, and a variety of other activities.

Topics that might be addressed by the Interest Group might include:

  • Strategies for strengthening positive relationships between libraries and their technology partners
  • Working toward more coherent API frameworks across heterogeneous product environments
  • Facilitating library involvement at earlier stages of product development
  • Establishing reasonable expectations regarding vendor support and involvement at library conferences and encouraging libraries to engage with vendors at conferences in ways that increase the value of the investments made in exhibit rental, receptions, and sponsorships.
  • Plan a program for the Annual Conference that highlights these topics and stimulates a dialog between libraries and industry representatives.

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