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Library Technology Guides provides comprehensive and objective information surrounding the many different types of technology products and services used by libraries. It covers the organizations that develop and support library-oriented software and systems. The site offers extensive databases and document repositories to assist libraries as they consider new systems and is an essential resource for professionals in the field to stay current with new developments and trends. Relevent news items are posted daily on Twitter:

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Announcing the Library Technology Guides Procurement Registry

Photo of Marshall Breeding author of GuidePosts

Library Technology Guides now includes a new resource to bring together the Requests for Proposals, Tenders, or other procurement documents related to libraries acquiring integrated library systems, library services platforms, discovery services, or other strategic technology products. This Procurement Registry is intended fulfill several purposes:

  • It enables libraries to post their procurement documents in a repository with high visibility and have confidence that they will be seen by qualified vendors. Registering procurement projects in this resource will complement and not necessarily replace other processes the library may be required to follow to advertise procurement opportunities.
  • It provides a central aggregated repository of projects of interest to providers of library technology products and services. The Procurement Registry supplements the many municipal, state, and proprietary procurement sites that require qualification, registration, or payment for notification or access to procurement documents. Since these other procurement sites include all types of procurement projects, finding those related to library technology offerings can be an expensive and time-consuming process.
  • It serves as a research resource. Libraries considering a new procurement project gain access to a large number of RFPs issued by other libraries and can be aware of the characteristics and requirements specified. Those using the registry in this way should naturally be mindful of copyright and seek permission from the creators of any documents before making use of any specific statements or text within the documents. The Procurement Registry also serves as an historic archive of past projects and their associated documents. Libraries are encouraged to register completed projects and upload the corresponding procurement documents regardless of the year issued. These materials contain ongoing research value.

The Library Technology Guides Procurement Registry is a free service. No fees are charged to register procurement projects or upload documents. All content is provided without any guarantees for accuracy and completeness. The Registry provides no mechanisms for communication between those posting opportunities and vendors. Vendors will naturally continue to follow instructions specified in the procurement documents regarding designated contacts and response procedures.

Libraries posting opportunities are encouraged to post outcomes of the process to the registry or to notify Marshall Breeding. I would also appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvements to the registry.

Access the registry: Library Technology Guides Procurement Registry

May 4, 2015 10:12:01

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Library Systems Report 2015: Operationalizing innovation

Library Systems Report

The 2015 edition of the annual industry report that I have produced since 2002 has been published by American Libraries. The online version is available now and the feature will appear in the May 2015 print issue. The 2002 through 2013 editions of this report were published by Library Journal.

Following a period of intensive development, a slate of new products that aims to align with current strategic priorities has entered a new phase of broader implementation. Index-based discovery services, available since 2009, have become vital components of academic library infrastructure and continue to see strong sales, including both first-time implementations and churn from competitors.

Library services platforms, in production use since 2011, have passed into the realm of routine offerings, especially for academic libraries in desperate need of systems that can manage both electronic and print resources. Many public libraries facing intense demand to present more modern and dynamic services to their communities and deliver seamless access to ebook collections are ready to upgrade or replace incumbent products with ones better able to fulfill current realities and expectations. With broader acceptance of cloud technologies, more libraries are opting for software as a service (SaaS) deployments, especially when they have fewer technical resources to support local implementations.

While libraries are able to risk adopting technologies in earlier stages of development, a broader contingent now expects to implement proven and reliable products. Products considered innovative or pioneering two years ago must now be ready for routine operational implementation in order for these products to succeed in this phase of concerted sales.

continue reading...

May 2, 2015 07:28:36

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Come see Marshall Breeding at Computers in Libraries 2015

Computers in Libraries

I'll be in Washington, DC soon for the annual Computers in Libraries conference, speaking on a variety of topics. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of friends and colleagues. Please feel free to track me down and introduce yourself or follow me through Twitter (@mbreeding). Here is my speaking schedule for the conference:

W6 – Library Resource Management: Strategies, Technologies, and Practices

Preconference Workshop, Sunday April 26, 2015 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Library collections today have become more complex than ever, with proportions of electronic and digital resources increasing relative to print and other physical materials. To manage these complex, multiformat collections, libraries need to consider many different options, both in the technology tools used and in their operational workflows. Many different types of technical options are available for libraries to manage their collections and operations, including traditional integrated library systems and a new generation of library services platforms, with open source and commercially licensed options and locally installed or cloud-based deployment possibilities. This half-day workshop explores the realm of library resource management technologies, helping attendees understand the relative strengths of each of the many alternatives and which automation scenarios may be most appropriate to pursue for their library. Filled with real-world examples, this workshop presents many possible strategies, technologies, and possibilities for managing library collections.

C101– Library Technology Industry Update

Monday, april 27, 2015
10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Libraries worldwide spend almost $2 billion/year on technology products and services and are constantly considering prudent strategic technology investments. Author of the “Automation Marketplace” industry report published in Library Journal from 2002–2013 and the “Library Systems Report” published by American Libraries since 2014, Breeding has the incredible ability to explain the current state of the industry and what we need to watch for in the future to factor into our technology decisions today.

Decades of Innovation and Tips for the Future

Tuesday Evening Session:, april 28, 2015 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Marshall Breeding, Independent Consultant, Founder of Library Technology Guides
Jason Griffey, Founder & Principal Consultant, Evenly Distributed LLC
Meg Backus, IT Manager, Anchorage Public Library
Jan Holmquist, Assistant Library Director, Guldborgsund Public Library
Darlene Fichter, GovInfo Librarian, University of Saskatchewan Library

Libraries have experienced incredible change since the first small Computers in Libraries Conference thirty years ago. The realm of library technology likewise has seen dramatic transformation. Breeding, whose career has paralleled CIL, highlights some of the interesting, amusing, and important touchstones marked by this important annual conference. He offers tips on how to stay relevant over time through continual innovation! A panel then presents some technologies we need to be watching over the next few years!

Apr 12, 2015 09:26:51

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The Future of Library Resource Discovery

The Future of Library Resource Discovery

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has published the white paper that I developed on the Future of Library Resource Discovery. I appreciate the opportunity to perform some additional research on this topic and to examine a variety of related issues. The paper provides an environmental scan of the current discovery environment, identifies gaps in the current products and services, and suggests some areas for future development. Given the current environment dominated by commercial services, I explored the possibilities of open source discovery interfaces and open access central indexes. The paper discusses linked data and other techniques which offer potential opportunities for improving the discoverability of resources of interest to libraries so that their community members might find them even when they bypass the interfaces provided by the library. Finally, the paper makes some recommendations regarding a possible next phase of the Open Discovery Initiative and highlights some areas of interest in the discovery arena that NISO may want to explore in the future. From the NISO press release:

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has published a white paper, The Future of Library Resource Discovery, written by independent consultant, speaker, and author Marshall Breeding. The white paper was commissioned by NISO's Discovery to Delivery (D2D) Topic Committee as part of its ongoing examination of areas in the discovery landscape that the information community could potentially standardize. Included in the paper is an overview of the current discovery environment; descriptions of how these technologies, methodologies, and products may be able to adapt to potential future change; and a look beyond current models of discovery to explore possible alternatives, especially those related to linked data.

The recent Electronic Resources and Libraries conference in Austin, TX, included a session to announce the publication of the white paper in which I presented a summary of its findings.

The paper is available as a free download from NISO.

Feb 24, 2015 10:11:04

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Caveat and Credit

Library Technology Guides was created and is edited by Marshall Breeding. He is solely responsible for all content on this site, and for any errors it may contain. Please notify him if you find any errors or omissions. (off)

Industry News

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20 most recent items:

May 22, 2015. Five more Canadian academic institutions select OCLC WorldShare Management Services. Carey Theological College, Portage College, Regent College, St. Mark’s College and Vancouver School of Theology, have selected OCLC WorldShare Management Services as their library management system. ... <<more>>

May 22, 2015. WorldShare License Manager API in Production. OCLC announced that the WorldShare License Manager API is now available in Production. ... <<more>>

May 21, 2015. London’s Natural History Museum is live with Ex Libris Alma and Primo. Ex Libris announced that the Alma resource management solution and the Primo discovery and delivery solution are live at the Natural History Museum in London. Alma allows museum staff to manage all of ... <<more>>

May 21, 2015. Perry County Libraries choose ByWater Solutions’ Koha support. ByWater Solutions announced that the Perry County Libraries in Pennsylvania is now live with their installation of the Koha open source ILS. ByWater Solutions has completed the migration for the Perry ... <<more>>

May 21, 2015. PTFS Meets With Thought Leaders at CIL. At the 2015 Computers in Libraries conference, LibLime, a Division of PTFS met with 25 of the library world’s thought leaders to hear their opinions on how vendors can better serve the library profess ... <<more>>

May 21, 2015. Auto-Graphics Inc. Introduces a unique OCLC WMS bibliographic connector. Auto-Graphic announced that SHAREit has been integrated with OCLC's WorldShare Management Services ILS for their statewide and provincial customers. The new WMS module allows SHAREit to fully interac ... <<more>>

May 19, 2015. Archimed announces a prestigious partnership with EBSCO. Archimed, a leading software and library solution vendor in the EU, has established a partnership with EBSCO Information Services to enrich the content searchable with Syracuse, its newly-released un ... <<more>>

May 18, 2015. EBSCO eBooks – A good fit for Claremont Lincoln University. Claremont Lincoln University, in Southern California, has opted for EBSCO eBooks from EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) to provide students with the perfect collection of subject-specific titles for ... <<more>>

May 18, 2015. Middlesex County Library (Canada) selects the Sierra Library Services Platform. Innovative announced that Middlesex County Library in Ontario, Canada has selected the Sierra Library Services Platform and will migrate from a Symphony system provided by SirsiDynix. MCL has just ove ... <<more>>

May 14, 2015. Perimeter Institute Library chooses ByWater Solutions’ Koha Support. ByWater Solutions announced that the Library at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario, Canada is now live with their installation of the Koha open source ILS. ... <<more>>

May 14, 2015. New Technology partnership between Data Management PA and EBSCO to improve discovery for users in Italy and France. EBSCO Information Services and ILS vendor, Data Management PA, announce a new partnership to provide expanded services to mutual customers. The partnership will enable mutual customers of EBSCO Disco ... <<more>>

Full Automation News Report