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The Library Corporation

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Research Park
Inwood, West Virginia 25428-9733
United States
Toll free: 325-7759
Phone: 304-229-0100
Fax: 304-229-0295
Web site:

Board of Directors

  • Gary Kirk -- President, Tech Logic


  • Annette Harwood Murphy -- Co-founder, President/CEO, Chairman of the Board
  • Gary Kirk -- President, Tech Logic
  • Brad Murphy -- Vice President, Singapore Operations
  • Joshua (Jabe) Bloom -- Chief Technology Officer
  • Simon Marcus -- Chief Operating Officer -- Inwood
  • Calvin Whittington -- Director of Finance and Administration
  • Paul Leppert -- Vice President -- Managing Director TLC Denver

Company Ownership

Library automation systems

The Library Corporation offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • Library.Solution (807 libraries, 2791 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 564
    Academic libraries: 101
    School libraries: 84
    167 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Carl.X (35 libraries, 316 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 32
    Academic libraries: 1
    School libraries: 0
    11 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Carl (3 libraries, 4 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 1
    Academic libraries: 1
    School libraries: 1
    482 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 3111 library facilities included in lib-web-cats use an ILS provided by The Library Corporation.

Corporate Chronology

Apr 1, 2005   The Library Corporation acquires TechLogic.
Jan 12, 2001   The Library Corporation launches YouSeeMore.
Jul 3, 2000   The Library Corporation acquires Carl Corporation.
1995   The Library Corporation launches ITS.for Windows.
1987   The Library Corporation launches The Intelligent Catalog.
Jun 1985   Eyring Research Institute, Inc. founds Eyring Library Systems to market Carl.
1985   TLC launches BiblioFile.
1978   Colorado Alliance for Research Libraries founded.
1974   The Library Corporation founded by Brower Murphy and Annette Murphy.

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

The following are a sample of articles related to the major events in the corporate history of The Library Corporation, or you can view all articles related to the company from Library Technology Guides.

Breeding, Marshall, Information Today (September 2000). The Library Corporation acquires CARL Corporation

The consolidation of the library automation marketplace continues with the acquisition of CARL Corp. by The Library Corporation (TLC). In this development, TLC expands its presence from small and medium-sized libraries to the very largest libraries and library consortia. CARL Corp. will be wholly owned by TLC, though its name will continue to be used in the combined company. The marketing, sales, support, and development of CARL's products and services will continue largely unchanged from its Denver facilities.

The Library Corporation News

Friday Oct 31, 2014

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10 most recent items:

October 16, 2014. London college implements TLC’s Library.Solution ILS. England’s prestigious Ealing, Hammersmith, and West London College has implemented The Library Corporation’s Library.Solution integrated library system, bolstering TLC’s presence in the United Kingdom. <<more>>

October 14, 2014. Florida library selects TLC, Tech Logic automation. West Florida Public Library System is getting a major performance boost by implementing automation and material handling solutions from The Library Corporation and Tech Logic. <<more>>

September 29, 2014. Libraries praise TLC’s new Academic Reserves solution. The Library Corporation’s new Academic Reserves functionality delivers a powerful new tool to college and university libraries. Charlotte Nutter of Denver Seminary in Colorado calls it the Cadillac of Reserves modules <<more>>

September 14, 2014. Metropolitan Library System Implements CARL.X. The Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma City, introduced the CARL.X ILS live to their community and staff on September 2nd. MLS selected TLC’s CARL.X for their library automation needs after previously using a system that had been developed in-house. <<more>>

September 4, 2014. Albemarle Regional Library chooses TLC. Every public library in North Carolina has the option of joining the statewide NC Cardinal consortium, which provides an open-source automation system to its participants. Albemarle Regional Library recently decided to migrate from the State Library of North Carolina’s consortium and join the 50 percent of the state’s public libraries using Library.Solution, The Library Corporation’s next-generation automation system. <<more>>

August 13, 2014. TLC: 40 Years Strong and Still Delivering the Future. The Library Corporation is celebrating its 40th anniversary by enhancing its products and expanding its family of more than 4,500 libraries worldwide. <<more>>

June 27, 2014. TLC’s CARL.X APIs continue to expand on a longstanding integration tradition. TLC’s second generation of CARL.X web service API development continues to race forward as updated APIs are released to the CARL.X customer base and third party development partners. Some of the world’s largest and most innovative public libraries will take advantage of the new and enhanced offerings for Circulation, Bibliographic and Item Searching. Additionally, TLC is now offering a new suite of Patron Services APIs that became available this month for a multitude of projects ranging from seamless integration with TLC’s very own new CARL.Connect Circulation web-scale product, as well as with the BiblioCommons Discovery Layer. <<more>>

June 20, 2014. Introducing CARL.Connect – TLC’s latest Web-Based interface for the mobile minded. TLC announced CARL.Connect, TLC’s newest product line, featuring mobile, web-based staff clients developed to empower connection through desk-free interactions with library users, your community and your collections. Last year, TLC embarked on development to reinvent its full suite of CARL products with CARL•Connect to offer web-scale interfaces for circulation, cataloging and reports, as well as planning for other staff interfaces, to further meet the changing needs ofa modern library’s flexible and expansive service models. <<more>>

June 11, 2014. eBiblioFile to provide RDA records for eBooks. eBiblioFile, which delivers MARC records for eResources in 48 hours or less, will upgrade to the new RDA cataloging standard on July 1, 2014. <<more>>

June 4, 2014. RDAExpress delivers the new cataloging standard. Libraries have a new ally as they transition from MARC to RDA records. Following an extensive testing period, RDAExpress is now available to any library ready to migrate to the new RDA cataloging standard. RDAExpress was introduced in January as a service that quickly and automatically converts MARC records to robust RDA records with enriched data and unprecedented discoverability. While it could take thousands of staff hours for a library to manually convert its existing catalog, RDAExpress saves time and money by delivering results in just 48 hours at a cost of 25 cents per record. <<more>>