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3300 N. Ashton Boulevard
Lehi, Utah 84043
United States
Toll free: 800-288-8020
Phone: 256-704-7000
Fax: 801-223-5202
Web site:

Board of Directors

  • Gary Rautenstrauch -- Executive Chairman
  • Christian Sowul -- Board Member representing Vista Equity Partners
  • Michael Fosnaugh -- Board Member representing Vista Equity Partners
  • Martin Taylor -- Board Member representing Vista Equity Partners
  • Matthew Hawkins -- Advisor to the Board of Directors


  • Bill Davison -- Chief Executive Officer
  • John Gardiner -- Chief Financial Officer
  • Scott Wheelhouse -- Senior Vice President for Operations
  • Berit Nelson -- Vice President, Library Relations
  • Eric Keith -- Vice President Marketing and Business Development
  • Rick Branham -- Vice President, Global Accounts and Alliances
  • Sheridan Richey -- Vice President Software Development
  • Brad Whittle -- Vice President, Global Sales
  • Tim Hyde -- Vice President, Professional Services
  • David King -- Vice President for Product Development
  • Mike Zackrison -- Vice President of Product Management
  • Colin Breen -- Director of APAC Accounts and Alliances

Company Ownership

SirsiDynix is a wholly owned portfolio company of Vista Equity Partners.

Library automation systems

SirsiDynix offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • Unicorn (3563 libraries, 11311 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 2019
    Academic libraries: 620
    School libraries: 573
    853 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Horizon (782 libraries, 2458 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 448
    Academic libraries: 195
    School libraries: 40
    1232 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Dynix (23 libraries, 60 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 11
    Academic libraries: 1
    School libraries: 3
    2480 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • DRA (0 libraries, 0 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 0
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    1497 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • INLEX/3000 (0 libraries, 0 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 0
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    178 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 13829 library facilities included in lib-web-cats use an ILS provided by SirsiDynix.

SirsiDynix offers an OpenURL Link Resolver:

  • None used in 200 libraries, 242 facilities in lib-web-cats)

Corporate Chronology

Nov 1, 2013   SirsiDynix acquires EOS International from Scot Cheatham.
Oct 3, 2011   Bill Davidson named Chief Executive Officer of SirsiDynix.
Dec 16, 2010   Matt Hawkins named SirsiDynix CEO.
Jul 2010   SirsiDynix consolidates support operations in Provo.
Dec 2009   SirsiDynix continues development of Horizon, releasing version 7.5.
Apr 28, 2009   President and Founder Scot Cheatham assumes role of CEO.
Jun 19, 2007   Gary Rautenstrauch appointed CEO of SirsiDynix.
Mar 13, 2007   SirsiDynix announces consolidation of products.
Feb 16, 2007   Patrick Sommers steps down as SirsiDynix President and CEO.
Dec 27, 2006   Vista Equity Partners acquires SirsiDynix.
Apr 15, 2006   SirsiDynix announces partnership with Serials Solutions.
Jun 1, 2005   Sirsi Corporation acquires Dynix.
Jan 13, 2005   Sirsi Corporation acquires Docutek.
Dec 2004   Dynix partners with Starsoft for Horizon 8.0 development.
Aug 26, 2003   EOS International releases EOS.Web.
Jan 2003   Ameritech Library Systems becomes epixtech.
Jun 12, 2002   Jack Blount named President and Chief Executive Officer of epixtech.
Jun 2002   Tony Saadat becomes Chief Executive Officer for EOS International.
Jun 10, 2001   Tony Saadat joins EOS International as Chief Operating Officer.
Jun 1, 2001   Scot Cheatham acquires ownership of EOS International from Dawson Holdings PLC..
May 17, 2001   SIRSI Corporation acquires DRA for $51.5 million.
Jan 13, 2001   Patrick Sommers appointed President of Sirsi Corporation.
Jan 2001   Sagebrush partners with Sirsi for Accent.
Nov 5, 1999   21st Century Group and Green Leaf Ridge acquire Ameritech Library Systems from South Central Bell.
Nov 1999   Ameritech Library Systems acquires URSA.
Oct 1999   Sirsi Corporation recapitalized by CEA Capital Partners.
1998   Sirsi Corporation moves to renovated Woolworth’s Building at 100 Washington Street SE in downtown Huntsville.
Nov 5, 1996   Lana Porter named President of Ameritech Library Services.
Sep 26, 1996   Data Trek renamed to EOS International.
Jan 1, 1996   Data Trek, Inc. acquires Information Management and Engineering, Ltd..
Jul 1995   Data Trek releases GLAS.
Oct 1994   Data Research Associates acquires MultiLIS.
May 1994   Ameritech Library Systems formed.
Feb 24, 1994   Data Trek acquires OASIS from Dawson Holdings.
Oct 1993   Data Research Associates acquires INLEX/3000.
Jul 13, 1993   Data Trek acquires The Assistant from INLEX.
Feb 1993   Dynix obtains rights to the PALS system from Unisys Corp.
Jan 1993   Data Research Associates acquires Starlight Management System.
Jun 1992   Data Research Associates issues IPO.
1992   Ultimate Corp sells its stake in Dynix for $2.2 million.
Jan 1992   Ameritech acquires Dynix Systems.
Oct 1991   Ameritech acquires NOTIS Systems.
Feb 1991   Marquis launched as first client/server library automation system.
Apr 1990   Ameritech acquires LS/2000 from OCLC.
1988   DataTrek raises $1 million in venture capital from Dawson Holdings.
1987   The Ultimate Corporation of East Hanover, NJ invests in Dynix.
1986   Dynix Management buys out Eyring Research Institute ownership in Dynix.
Feb 1984   Eyring Research Institute acquires 80 percent of Dynix.
Aug 22, 1983   Dynix founded by Paul Sybrowsky, Keith Wilson, Jim Wilson, and Ralph Egan.
1982   Sirsi Corporation launches Unicorn.
1981   DataTrek founded by David and Scot Cheatham.
1981   David Cheatham develops Card Datalog automation system for Verbatim Corporation.
1979   Sirsi Corporation founded.

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

The following are a sample of articles related to the major events in the corporate history of SirsiDynix, or you can view all articles related to the company from Library Technology Guides.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (December 2013). SirsiDynix Acquires EOS International

SirsiDynix has acquired EOS International from its cofounder and Chief Executive Officer Scot Cheatham effective November 1, 2013. The transaction was conducted entirely from financial resources within SirsiDynix without additional backing from its private equity owner, Vista Equity Partners. The acquisition of EOS International will expand the presence of SirsiDynix in the small library arena, and will strengthen its overall position in terms of revenue, customers served, and product offer ings. SirsiDynix provides a stable and expansive business environment for the ongoing support, development and marketing of EOS International products.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (June 2012). SirsiDynix Development Strategies

In recent years, SirsiDynix has been executing a development agenda that provides libraries with tools and interfaces to improve access to their collections and services. The company continues to make improvements in the functionality of its strategic integrated library systems, Symphony and Horizon, concentrating especially on the development of patron-facing tools. These interface products address the different methods with which patrons might want to access the library: BookMyne and BookMyne+ for iOS and Android based mobile devices, Enterprise and Portfolio for the Web, and the Social Library for Facebook. SirsiDynix has also launched eResource Central for access and management of e-books, complementing the capabilities of its Symphony and Horizon ILS products in managing a library's print collection.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (March 2012). SirsiDynix Launches a Native Facebook app, Develops eResource Central

SirsiDynix launched two new products at the ALA Midwinter conference: the SirsiDynix Social Library and eResource Central. These products continue the company's efforts to create forward-looking products and technologies surrounding its ILS products.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (July 2010). SirsiDynix Evolution: Recent Developments in the Context of Broad Corporate Strategies

SirsiDynix has taken a number of actions that consolidate and focus its corporate resources. On May 12, 2010, SirsiDynix launched a new Web site and announced a number of major changes related to its operating facilities and its organizational approach to customer service. These moves represent incremental steps toward a number of longstandingbusiness goals. The company positions its moves as offering significant benefits to the libraries that use its products through improved communications channels and more sensitivity to the individual needs of each customer. As a company that serves something over 20,000 library facilities spanning over 70 countries worldwide, these adjustments will have a broad impact.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (February 2010). Developments at SirsiDynix

SirsiDynix, one of the largest library automation companies, made a number of recent announcements relating to both its products and personnel. December 2009 saw the release of new versions of its major products and the departure of a key executive.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (December 2009). Two major lawsuits jolt library automation industry

In recent months, two major lawsuits have been filed in the the library automationindustry. Queens Borough Public Library filed a complaint on July 2, 2009 against SirsiDynix for breach of contract and 3M has filed suit against EnvisionWare for patent infringement. Both of these lawsuits address interesting issues that bring pivotal libraryautomation legal concerns to the surface. Neither accusation has been proven, and both are still pending legal action or settlement. The complaints filed with the courts stand as public documents exposing the plaintiffs’ concerns in detail. The defendant’s response to those claims may not become public until the issue comes before a court, or may never be disclosed if the parties settle out of court. While major lawsuits attract much attention, they must be considered skeptically until both sides of the matter can be understood.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (August 2008). SirsiDynix launches its Faceted Search Product

SirsiDynix has entered the fray of next-generation library interfaces with the announcement of SirsiDynix Enterprise, a search product that features faceted navigation, built using the GlobalBrain data retrieval technology from BrainWare, Inc.. Both SirsiDynix and BrainWare are portfolio companies of Vista Equity Partners.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (November 2007). Composing a Symphony

SirsiDynix has rebranded Unicorn, their strategic ILS product as Symphony. The company indicates that the initial release of the product will be called Symphony 3.2, reflecting its heritage as an incremental extension of Unicorn 3.1, the last version offered under that name.

Breeding, Marshall, Computers in Libraries (June 2007). The sun sets on Horizon

SirsiDynix announced that it had discontinued development of Horizon and would consolidate its future ILS efforts on Unicorn. Events such as SirsiDynix’s decision to consolidate to a single product cause a great deal of uncertainty and disruption for libraries and detract from the trust that’s necessary for a successful relationship between a library and its automation products supplier. SirsiDynix faces a large challenge in shoring up the trust with the Dynix/Horizon half of its customer base. The prompt delivery of truly outstanding replacement products is the only salve that will heal the wound.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (May 2007). SirsiDynix consolidates Its International operations

SirsiDynix took one step in its reorganization following its acquisition by Vista Equity Partners by establishing SirsiDynix International, consolidating all its operations outside North America. Prior to this move, there were separate and often independent sales, support, and administrative operations, including Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. SirsiDynix has a broad international presence, providing library automation software to libraries in at least seventy countries. The international sector is of critical importance to the future of the company. About 25 percent of the company’s customers lie outside the U.S. and Canada. Due to market saturation in North America, the international sector offers the greatest potential market for new sales. SirsiDynix International will be lead by Keith Sturges.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (April 2007). SirsiDynix ILS set on single course

The June 2005 consolidation of Sirsi Corporation and Dynix created SirsiDynix,which stands as the largest company in the library-automation industry. Although many aspects of the company have been integrated, until recently the company sailed two flagship library-automation systems: Horizon and Unicorn. The company’s mid-March announcement hoists a single flagship—marking a significant change in course—based on the company's Unicorn platform. SirsiDynix entered a new phase of its corporate history when San Francisco-based Vista Equity Partners, a private-equity firm that manages about a $1 billion in assets, acquired it. Announced on December 27, 2006, the transaction closed on January 17, 2007. SirsiDynix reported it would consolidate development efforts into a single ILS platform based on Unicorn. Ongoing development on Horizon has ceased. Horizon 7.4 will be its terminal version. Libraries operating one of the SirsiDynix legacy systems—including Dynix Classic, DRA Classic, INLEX/3000, and MultiLIS—will be offered a migration path to Rome.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (February 2007). Vista Equity Partners acquires SirsiDynix

The ownership of SirsiDynix has changed, as Vista Equity Partners, a large private equity firm based in San Francisco, will acquire 100% of the company. The parties involved made public their definitive agreement for the sale on December 27, 2006; the deal was expected to close by mid-January 2007. SirsiDynix shifts from a company supported by venture capital into the increasing fold of companies owned by private-equity firms, which assert a more strategic view aimed at increasing value of the company over the longer term.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (July 2006). Strategic Development: SirsiDynix and Serials Solutions

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (May 2006). SirsiDynix Status

Almost a year has elapsed since Sirsi acquired Dynix to form SirsiDynix in June 2005. During this period, the company has begun to take a more unified shape and is beginning to show its muscle as the powerhouse of the industry. In the last few months, the companyhas announced some major sales, some minor product releases, and appointed a new VP and CFO.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (November 2005). Settling into SirsiDynix

Following the announcement in June 2005 that Sirsi Corp. would acquire Dynix, the formerly separate companies have been hard at work blending into a single organization. By the end of September 2005, the company publicized who will fill the top- and mid-level management positions. Overall, the executive management structure of the former Sirsi Corporation remains in tact, and most Dynix execs remain onboard as well. The headquarters of SirsiDynix will be located in Huntsville, Alabama. The Dynix office in Provo, Utah, will remain in operation as will the Sirsi office in St. Louis, Missouri. Business, personnel, and administrative functions have been consolidated and will be run out of Huntsville. Pat Sommers leads the company as president/CEO;Jack Blount, former Dynix CEO, continues as senior technical consultant and acting chief technology officer. At year-end 2004, the combined workforce of the two companies totaled 789 full-time equivalent personnel.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (August 2005). SirsiDynix: the new super-sized ILS company

Days before ALA's late-June Annual Conference and Exposition in headquarter-city Chicago, two major ILS players, Sirsi and Dynix, announced the companies’ pending merger. The agreement the two privately owned companies signed initiates the colossal effort the organizations will undertake in order to emerge as the largest library automation company in the industry: SirsiDynix. The combined company will employ more than 725 and will have potential annual revenues of more than $125 million.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (June 2005). The chronicles of Dynix

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (March 2005). Sirsi and the NDP

Via the Normative Data Project, or NDP, which Sirsi recently signed on to, Sirsi aims to build an extensive database of library transactions (extracted from libraries nationwide) that can be combined with GIS and demographic data to create a powerful resource that will reveal very specific trends of substantive interest to library decision makers. Ultimately, the NDP hopes to help enable these decision makers to shape their collections and distribute their branches in ways that will improve their services, i.e., better targeting of under-served patrons.

Breeding, Marshall, Information Today (February 2002). SIRSI announces the demise of Taos: another system falls away in the library automation market

Breeding, Marshall, Information Today (July/August 2001). SIRSI Acquires DRA

Consistent with the trend toward consolidation in the library automation industry, SIRSI Corp. has purchased one of its major competitors, Data Research Associates, Inc. While SIRSI has been steadily attracting new customers and developing new products, DRA has been facing declining revenues, a steady decrease in libraries operating its older products, and sluggish acceptance of its next-generation Taos library automation system. This acquisition further strengthens SIRSI’s position in the marketplace.

Breeding, Marshall, Information Today (March 2000). Epixtech partners with Citrix Systems on ASP solution for library automation

epixtech announced the availability of a new approach in library automation where the company serves as an Applications Service Provider, or ASP, delivering access to its Horizon automation software via the Internet. This new product combines the Horizon library automation software from epixtech and the Application Server Provider program offered by Citrix Systems.

Breeding, Marshall, Information Today (January 2000). epixtech: a new beginning for ALS

Ameritech Library Services (ALS) has been sold. It has undergone a major transition from being a subsidiary of Ameritech—a large telecommunications corporation—to that of a privately owned company. On November 5, Ameritech announced the sale of its ALS division to a pair of investment companies, the 21st Century Group, LLC, and Green Leaf Ridge Co., LLC.

Library Systems Newsletter (November 1999). Ameritech Library Systems changes owners

Ameritech Library Services (ALS) will be acquired by a private investment group led by 21st Century Group and Green Leaf Ridge Company. Headquarters will stay in Provo, Utah and the staff of 520 will grow, rather than shrink, because the reconstituted company's goal is to commit a more substantial portion of revenues to product development and sales. [John Ware, president of 21st Century Group died in May 2010]

Deseret News (Nov 6-7, 1996). Library services firm appoints president

Lana Porter has been named president of Ameritech Library Services. Interim president Roger Sloan resumes his duties as chief financial officer.

SirsiDynix News

Wednesday Dec 17, 2014

All 326 Press Releases from SirsiDynix

10 most recent items:

November 25, 2014. SirsiDynix is recognized as a Wasatch Front Top Workplace. SirsiDynix announced that it has been selected as one of The Wasatch Front Top Workplaces. This most recent recognition comes on the heels of a 2013 ranking by that placed SirsiDynix as the 7th best among the top 50 mid-sized companies in the country—and highest rated Utah company on that list—in overall employee satisfaction. <<more>>

November 21, 2014. Buy It Now available for HIP and e-Library users. SirsiDynix announced that Buy It Now is now available for all HIP and e-Library users. These users will now be able to buy books, movies, and more from outside retailers through their library’s website or OPAC. As part of SirsiDynix’s Community Funded Services, a portion of each Buy It Now purchase will be returned to the library, increasing revenue for libraries while providing increased buying options for patrons. <<more>>

November 17, 2014. BLUEcloud Cataloging now available for SirsiDynix Customers. SirsiDynix announced today that BLUEcloud Cataloging is now available. Designed to easily accommodate new media and technology, BLUEcloud Cataloging increases staff efficiency and expedites the process of enhancing bibliographic data. <<more>>

November 10, 2014. OWL Consortium selects SirsiDynix Symphony, SaaS, and BLUEcloud products. The Organization of Watauga Libraries (OWL), a 10-member consortium in northeast Tennessee, has signed a seven-year agreement with SirsiDynix. In addition to choosing SirsiDynix Symphony and SirsiDynix SaaS hosting service, OWL has chosen a number of SirsiDynix BLUEcloud products, including Enterprise discovery tool, eResource Central (eRC) digital content management system, MobileCirc mobile application, and more. <<more>>

October 1, 2014. SAPLN and SirsiDynix announce 77th live site. SirsiDynix is pleased to announce that the final member of the South Australian Public Library Network is prepared to go live with SirsiDynix Symphony. Yankalilla will mark the 77th SAPLN site to go live since the consortium’s Symphony implementation began in 2012. With a complete Symphony integration— and with some sites running on two databases or through multiple branches—SAPLN will include circulation materials from 80 databases, 159 sites, and over four million items. <<more>>

September 11, 2014. Paul Sybrowsky, Co-Founder of Dynix, Inc., Dies at Age 70. SirsiDynix acknowledges the passing of Paul K. Sybrowsky, co-founder of Dynix, Inc., on Sept. 10, 2014, after battling prolonged illness. Although Paul was known for his undeniable business sense, he will be remember even more as a loving father, husband, and friend. <<more>>

September 11, 2014. Introducing the I Love My Library Card: Dual-use Library/Debit Card. SirsiDynix announced the launch of the "I Love My Library" card, a fully functional library card that doubles as a Visa debit card. Designed to benefit both libraries and their patrons, the ground-breaking card was created by SirsiDynix in partnership with Visa and Card Limited. Illinois' Lansing Public Library and Mississippi's Lamar County Library System launched the card on Aug. 15, with Maryland's Frederick County Public Libraries most recently launching the card on Sept. 5. <<more>>

August 17, 2014. SirsiDynix to launch New Series of Webinars and Website Content on Industry Resources. SirsiDynix is launching a new series of webinars, blog posts, and downloadable content to address topics surrounding the value, visibility, and usage of libraries. Topics will also include current software trends, library stereotypes, and the skills needed to stay current as technology influences the way people interact with information and information professionals. The new webinars and website content will bring together some of the industry’s top thought-leaders and valuable resources for any library, regardless of type or software. <<more>>

August 11, 2014. SirsiDynix reaches eResource Central agreement with Wheelers. Wheelers and SirsiDynix are working together to bring thousands of eBooks directly to your library’s catalog. Wheelers is one of New Zealand’s largest online book suppliers to schools and public libraries and has supplied library services to users across the South Pacific for 40 years. The integration will allow users to search for and download Wheelers’ eBook titles through their library’s catalog with the click of a button, streamlining the eResource delivery process. <<more>>

August 7, 2014. SirsiDynix to partner Total BooX with eResource Central. Total BooX and SirsiDynix announce a collaboration to bring a wide selection of eBooks directly to your library’s catalog. Total BooX is an innovative company that houses thousands of quality eBooks from publishers such as Workman, Sourcebooks, O’Reilly Media, and more. Its partnership with eResource Central will allow users in participating libraries to discover and access Total BooX’ titles through their library’s catalog with the click of a button. <<more>>