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Equinox Software

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3351 North Berkeley Lake Road NW Number 200
Duluth, Georgia 30096
United States
Toll free: 877-673-6457
Phone: 678-269-6116
Fax: 866-497-6390
Web site:


  • Mike Rylander -- President
  • Grace Dunbar -- Vice President
  • Jason Etheridge -- Community and Migration Manager
  • Galen Charlton -- Infrastructure and Added Services Manager
  • Shae Tetterton -- Director of Sales

Company Ownership

Equinox in an employee owned company.

Library automation systems

Equinox Software offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • Evergreen -- Equinox Software (622 libraries, 1218 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 551
    Academic libraries: 34
    School libraries: 7
    11 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Koha -- Equinox Software (28 libraries, 34 facilities in lib-web-cats)
    Public libraries: 8
    Academic libraries: 5
    School libraries: 1
    3 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 1252 library facilities included in lib-web-cats use an ILS provided by Equinox Software.

Corporate Chronology

Jan 20, 2014   Equinox launches Sequoia.
Jun 2012   Equinox Software releases FulfILLment version 1.0.
Jan 25, 2012   Equinox Software forms wholly-owned Canadian-based subsidiary, Equinox Library Services Canada.
Dec 5, 2011   Equinox Software purchases new buildings in Duluth, GA.
Jul 5, 2007   Georgia Public Library Service contracts with Equinox.
Feb 2, 2007   Equinox Software, Inc. launched.
Sep 5, 2006   Georgia PINES places Evergreen open source ILS into production.
Jun 5, 2004   Georgia Public Library Service announces its initiative to develop an open source ILS.

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

The following are a sample of articles related to the major events in the corporate history of Equinox Software, or you can view all articles related to the company from Library Technology Guides.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (February 2014). Equinox Launches Sequoia: New ILS Service Based on Evergreen

In a move to further strengthen its ability to deliver stable and reliable automation to libraries, Equinox Software has launched a new hosting program called Sequoia. Equinox positions Sequoia as a comprehensive software-as-a-service ILS offering based on a new hosting platform with full-service support. It is based on a technical environment for its data centers that manages and provisions software applications with the flexibility to meet the needs of its largest or smallest library customers in a way that minimizes the possibility for downtime and delivers optimal performance. Going forward, Equinox intends to focus strategically on delivering automation to libraries based on open source software hosted on its Sequoia service platform and to transition away from providing support for self-hosted installations. The open source Evergreen ILS will continue as its primary offering for larger libraries and consortia, supplemented by Koha for mid-sized or small libraries preferring a stand-alone implementation. Equinox will continue to provide support for its existing self-hosted clients, but plans to focus on Sequoia-based installations as it markets its services to new potential customers. Equinox will encourage its self-hosted sites to migrate to Sequoia.

Equinox Software News

Wednesday Apr 1, 2015

All 166 Press Releases from Equinox Software

10 most recent items:

March 22, 2015. Lake Agassiz and NW Regional choose Evergreen. Lake Agassiz Regional Library and Northwest Regional Library, both in Minnesota, have chosen Equinox to manage their migration to Evergreen later this year. Equinox will also be providing support. These two libraries have shared an Innovative Interfaces system for over ten years and will be taking the plunge into open source together. The library systems share approximately 225,000 items and serve 95,000 patrons. <<more>>

January 7, 2015. Rockingham and Harnett Join NC Cardinal. Equinox is pleased to announce that Rockingham County Public Library and Harnett County Public Library have joined the growing NC Cardinal Consortium in North Carolina. This brings the total number of libraries in NC Cardinal to 103. <<more>>

November 24, 2014. Change in leadership at Equinox. Equinox Software announced that Mike Rylander has been selected by the Equinox Board of Directors as President of the company. In addition to being a co-founder of Equinox, Rylander is one of the original developers of the Evergreen open source integrated library system. As the architect of Equinox’s new Sequoia services platform, Rylander stated that he is excited to take the helm and drive Equinox forward with a focus on Sequoia and its added-value components, AIM and Idea Lab. <<more>>

August 18, 2014. Pease joins the Howe Evergreen Consortium. Pease Public Library has joined the Howe Evergreen Consortium. Pease serves over 4,000 patrons in Plymouth, New Hampshire, and boasts a collection of nearly 39,000 items. Equinox handled their migration and will continue supporting them through the Howe Evergreen Consortium. <<more>>

July 21, 2014. Kent County Public Library live on Sequoia. Kent County Public Library has become the first library system to move to Equinox’s new Sequoia service platform. Equinox has hosted Kent for six years, making them the natural choice for Sequoia’s maiden voyage. Kent County Public Library is composed of 3 locations serving 14,000 patrons with 50,000 items. <<more>>

April 7, 2014. BHM Regional Library Live on Evergreen joins NC Cardinal. The BHM Regional Library System has gone live on Evergreen as part of the NC Cardinal consortium. Equinox Software oversaw data migration and staff training and will continue to provide hosting and technical support for the entire NC Cardinal consortium. <<more>>

April 2, 2014. Saugeen Library Consortium now live on Equinox hosted Koha environment. Saugeen Library System has officially gone live with their Koha installation, hosted and supported by Equinox. The previously independently-maintained consortium will now have their data hosted at Equinox’s Canadian data centre and receive system administration and support services from Equinox. <<more>>

March 27, 2014. Marvin Memorial Library live on Evergreen joins COOL. Marvin Memorial Library has gone live on Evergreen as part of the Consortium of Ohio Libraries (COOL). They are the 11th library system to join the consortium. Equinox Software oversaw the data migration and will continue to provide system hosting and technical support to the entire COOL consortium. <<more>>

March 3, 2014. Forsyth County Public Library live on Evergreen. The Forsyth County Public Library has officially joined NC Cardinal live on Evergreen. Equinox oversaw implementation and staff training and will continue to provide ongoing system administration, hosting, and technical support for the growing consortium. <<more>>

February 26, 2014. Equinox Releases FulfILLment Software Version 1.0. Equinox announced the release of FulfILLment version 1.0. FulfILLment is an open source ILL product that allows direct patron request of materials and greatly reduces staff mediation of requests. The website for the fulfillment project can be found at Visitors can get more information about the project, join user groups, and download the software. <<more>>