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Statistical Report for Symphony (Unicorn)

2012 Survey Results 2011 Survey Results 2010 Survey Results 2009 Survey Results 2008 Survey Results 2007 Survey Results
Product: Symphony (Unicorn) Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction380 2 2 10 19 25 48 50 122 72 30 76.377
Company Satisfaction378 1 6 14 26 22 43 65 98 71 32 76.217
Support Satisfaction378 1 5 11 14 35 44 36 102 80 50 76.487
Support Improvement371 3 3 6 16 26 99 45 55 69 49 56.236
Company Loyalty376 30 11 22 18 25 48 33 76 54 59 75.707
Open Source Interest374 97 44 47 35 35 42 28 19 13 14 03.012

Considering new ILS393 7920.10%
Considering new Interface393 7519.08%
System Installed on time?393 34788.30%
Average Collection size: 644460
Product: Symphony (Unicorn) Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction326 5 6 9 11 21 37 61 102 57 17 76.187
Company Satisfaction326 6 7 19 20 24 35 58 83 53 21 75.886
Support Satisfaction324 4 10 11 14 18 44 54 72 68 29 76.177
Support Improvement323 5 10 10 12 28 81 37 60 48 32 55.876
Company Loyalty323 23 16 16 13 31 44 40 54 55 31 85.476
Open Source Interest318 63 32 48 21 34 45 18 27 12 18 03.483

Considering new ILS333 7622.82%
Considering new Interface333 8826.43%
System Installed on time?333 30390.99%
Average Collection size: 570393
Product: Symphony (Unicorn) Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction271 3 5 9 12 19 37 41 77 50 18 76.157
Company Satisfaction271 8 8 17 11 26 37 54 57 39 14 75.636
Support Satisfaction269 8 7 15 20 23 32 50 56 39 19 75.676
Support Improvement271 11 7 16 28 21 87 26 26 26 23 55.155
Company Loyalty270 18 15 10 24 29 34 40 40 32 28 65.266
Open Source Interest269 64 26 30 17 19 31 29 19 14 20 03.593

Considering new ILS282 5720.21%
Considering new Interface282 8128.72%
System Installed on time?282 24285.82%
Average Collection size: 580366
Product: Symphony (Unicorn) Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction304 3 5 6 9 16 62 56 96 44 7 76.066
Company Satisfaction303 5 9 27 23 22 56 48 79 29 5 75.346
Support Satisfaction303 3 12 30 23 17 54 45 66 41 12 75.446
Support Improvement292 7 11 19 29 23 89 35 39 30 10 55.095
Company Loyalty301 32 14 12 14 23 67 31 49 43 16 55.065
Open Source Interest300 53 34 26 25 30 40 25 20 23 24 03.904

Considering new ILS310 4915.81%
Considering new Interface310 8527.42%
System Installed on time?310 26184.19%
Product: Unicorn Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction233 4 7 11 19 16 35 37 64 32 8 75.686
Company Satisfaction234 9 9 16 31 28 23 43 43 26 6 65.056
Support Satisfaction233 12 14 23 18 21 36 39 38 23 9 64.915
Support Improvement0 not applicable
Company Loyalty233 21 13 19 18 17 36 20 43 34 12 74.955
Open Source Interest231 36 23 21 24 17 37 12 23 16 22 54.114

Considering new ILS234 5423.08%
Considering new Interface234 6929.49%
System Installed on time?234 21491.45%
Product: Unicorn Response Distribution Statistics
CategoryResponses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ModeMeanMedian
ILS Satisfaction200 4 1 5 10 6 23 29 64 43 15 76.417
Company Satisfaction284 5 8 20 23 27 43 47 61 38 12 75.506
Support Satisfaction282 6 10 13 27 37 33 42 64 34 16 75.486
Support Improvement0 not applicable
Company Loyalty279 25 10 12 9 16 59 31 42 36 39 55.526
Open Source Interest281 54 41 36 32 17 36 21 14 9 21 03.353

Considering new ILS288 4214.58%
Considering new Interface288 6020.83%
System Installed on time?288 10.35%


The library is a part of th e[...] Consortium that also has Enterprise as its catalog overlay. The present problem we are having is that not all holdings display in Enterprise as they do in Work Flows circulation module. Also we are receiving "Unexpected Exception Occurred" messages intermittently when searching holdings in the Symphony Catalog. (Type: Public)

Key customer support improvements: known issue tracker/documentation, list-serv participation regarding current bugs/problems, response time to open cases (Type: Public)

We've just started using SirsiDynix's Enterprise discovery interface and like it very much so far. (Type: Law)

Our consortium currently has an RFP out. (Type: Academic)

Ths library operates as a part of a consortia. This limits somewhat the capacity to be innovative with the way we deal with some niche collections as we must follow the consortia rules. We are also unable to enhance any bib records as these are shared. (Type: Public)

Are in the process of moving to SirsiDynix's SAAS environment having our ILS hosted by them. (Type: Special)

Major issues with vendor are price, slow pace of development, and increasing emphasis on public library needs not academic. (Type: Academic)

In some ways, our ILS has almost superseded in the last year or so. Because of organisational constraints on ICT, and the slow development of next gen interfaces by SirsiDynix, we've gone to an externally hosted discovery service (EDS). We're still using Symphony for all of our back end library functions, but when patrons need information, we mainly directing them to EDS because it's a faster, better, easier and more complete user experience. Symphony is now much more of a user afterthought, and in some ways, we don't really care what happens with the development of their discovery option, because we're already committed elsewhere. (Type: Special)

Bring back Horizon 8 (Type: Public)

Have submitted a case for funding to "consider" LMS; awaiting approval, hence vague lists above. Will need to submit case for funding to *implement* LMS when decided; not guaranteed we'll get the cash, and certainly not before Aug 2013 (Type: Academic)

We can't believe how much better Vufind is than any of the SirsiDynix products we've used (WebCat, iLink, EPS, Enterprise). It has more functionality, is more flexible and arguably has as good a support system through the user responses to questions. And it's FREE! (Type: Academic)

Will migrate to OCLC WorldShare Management Services in late spring 2013. (Type: Academic)

[...] currently is in the bid process for a new ILS. We should have a new vendor selected by Dec. 1st. (Type: Academic)

Migration, updating, problem solving is done by the current SA, who is me. Because I migrated the system from Winnebago to SirsiDynix in 1999, I have been here a long time. When I leave....they will move to some other discovery service...probably Open Source or outsource the ILS. (Type: Academic)

We are very happy with [...] and their support. We have been on [...] since March 1, 2012 (Type: Public)

Except for frequent failure of server to restart correctly after indexing, we would be complately satisfied We're working with customer service and getting good responses from them. (Type: Public)

This library will be joining the [...] library consortium in early 2013 (Type: Government Agency)

Main issue with this vendor is the high maintenance fees, that rise every year while our budget gets cut (Type: Public)

[...] has an RFP out now for a new ILS. Bidders include SirsiDynix, III, ByWater, Polaris, VTLS, Insignia, Infor Library Systems (Type: Public)

We are using VuFind as our Discovery interface. (Type: Consortium)

[...] has been a SirsiDynix customer since 1996. (Type: School)

The library recently opened in a new location and went from a facility of approximately 9,000 square feet to 32,000 square feet. (Type: Public)

We are keeping our eye on OCLC's WMS ILS but it currently cannot handle the needs of a consortium. (Type: State)

We hope to implement RFID technology in 2013 (Type: Public)

- (Type: State)

Budget prevents consideration for replacement of ILS or implementation of a discovery interface or Next Gen catalog. Over the past years we have been forced to reduce features on ILS due to expenditures. (Type: Public)

The library consortia is migrating to Polaris (Type: Public)

I would like to see software for library uses catch up technology-wise to what patron use every day on their phones, tablets and personal computers. Librarians will adapt to the products that are delivered, but patron deserve better. ILS vendors perpetuate the idea that libraries are out-of-date and out-to-touch when they continually deliver software that is outdated before it's even implemented. (Type: Public)

Annual renewal fee is quite high,[...] . Upgrades should be proposed by supplier at nominal cost, specially for libraries in developing countries. (Type: National)

Support services and SAS are expensive (Type: Public)

[...] State Library rocks for us! They have been integral in creating the[...] consortium and spearhead the Request For Proposal process in selecting a vendor, installations, technical troubleshooting and training. Their customer service is superb! We would not otherwise have an ILS if it wasn't for [...] consortium. (Type: Medical)

We will sign 5 year extension for Symphony this month. We will continue to be locally hosted, but we've just moved from physical servers to a virtual server setup to facilitate easier management and troubleshooting. (Type: Consortium)

Number of items in collection has increased exponentially due to digital materials (e-books, e-audiobooks). (Type: Public)

We have 124,000 ebooks from multiple vendors. (Type: Academic)

We recently migrated to SirsiDynix Symphony (within the last 6 months). Our opinion of their products and services has gone up recently, but were lower during migration and implementation. (Type: Public)

My main complaint is the Reports portion of the system - it is not very "user friendly" and therefore takes a lot of time from the Technical service staff of our consortium. Our staff is terrific! (Type: Public)

Our legacy ILS lacks modern features and our vendor only provides them as added-cost add-ons mostly from third parties that are bolted on to the legacy system. (Type: Academic)

We plan on migrating to Evergreen in the next 6 months. (Type: Public)

Please take my responses regarding our ILS with a grain of salt. We use an ILS that spans several campuses, and the ILS was selected before I began my position at this library. I direct any problems to our flagship campus, so my involvement with the ILS is very limited. I am responsible for the maintenance and updates to our discovery service, though. (Type: Academic)

Most of the decisions about the ILS are made on a consortium level, so our input as an individual member is minimal. [...] is keeping on SirsiDynix to deliver on their promises, but it has been an uneven process and our patrons are only willing to be so patient. (Type: Public)

Multi-county library system (public) (Type: Consortium)

Library Administration is open to the idea of an open source solution, but we receive all our IT support from the County. Our County IT Dept. is wholely against any open source solutions. (Type: Public)

- (Type: Academic)

SirsiDynix's support is fantastic. But Symphony as it is has reached its use-by date. It's great for print - but a non-starter for electronic collections. We're therefore keeping a watch on the developments around products such as Alma & Intota. (Type: Medical)

The Library is currently implementing Symphony. Go-live mid Dec 2012. Thus comments are based on the implementation experience, not live usage. (Type: Public)

I currently shadow the books for my library and would very much like an established program that I can utilize for these taks: incoming and outgoing, invoices, monies etc. (Type: Public)

The reporting feature is not working well. Individual libraries in the consortium have to ask [...] to do the reports for them. We used to be able to do them ourselves. (Type: Public)

Our consortium is in the process of moving into a union database. Our library will not be joining the consortium in this initiative, but are committed to a contract with our current vendor until the end of 2015. At that time, we will consider moving to a different vendor. (Type: Public)

[...] subscribes to SirsiDynix's platinum services which has given [...] immediate access to API and consulting services, which has facilitated our ability to respond to public service needs. (Type: Public)

We are in the middle of migrating from SirsiDynix to WMS. We are already live with the public interface and are finalizing the migration on the staff side. The reason for the switch was that OCLC can provid us with a discovery interface AND an ILS system all in the same package for less than we were paying for SirsiDynix. (Type: Academic)

We have recently migrated to a virtual server on our campus network. We will most likely implement the SirsiDynix discovery interface once it is fully developed. (Type: Academic)

We participate in a consortium of libraries and have a contract with SirsiDynix for another 3-4 years. We are most unhappy and could opt out of the consortium, to the detriment of the other participaing libraries, so we hang on, but are unhappy with the ILS and the pricing structure of any enhancements. (Type: Public)

We would be happier if our library could make changes to Symphony that just affect our library. All changes are made at the consortium level, and require consortium approval before implementation. (Type: Public)

We are in the process of implementing a Discovery interface (Enterprise from SirsiDynix) (Type: Public)

There is interest in looking at another ILS in four years or so. The quality or functionality is not the issue; it's the escalating cost of the software maintenance that makes our people want to look at the competition. (Type: Public)

We recently decided to negotiate a five year renewal of our Symphony agreement, and to do a full vendor evaluation in three years, when we feel that, in addition to Polaris, other alternatives including OCLC WebShare, III Sierra and Evergreen should be more mature and viable for a consortium such as ours. We think Symphony is moving in a positive direction, but still want to see improvements especially in the ACQ and Serials modules and data mining (we'll see how Analytics Station goes). We also look forward to the planned web-based client. (Type: Consortium)

We are a Consortial type group, (Type: Consortium)

- (Type: Academic)

I'm on the consortia staff, so I'm answering from the consortia level, not from a member library. (Type: Consortium)

- (Type: Public)

Sirsi/Dynix has met all of our expectations. The company continues, for us, to be a strong leader in customer support and service. The Sales Rep, [...] , is very attentive and responsive to our needs and patient in helping us to understand new approaches to service (Type: Public)

I am pleased with the ILS we are currently using. (Type: Academic)

The number of items is the systemwide count. We have a consortium. (Type: Public)

Evaluating EBSCO Discovery Service for use for journal article discovery. (Type: Academic)

Been happy with SirsiDynix Symphony but very unhappy with SD's ability to deliver an OPAC or discovery layer that matches current expectations. Have had major problems with every upgrade, service pack or patch in last 2 years. Problems with internal silos and failure to communicate within SD affects their ability to deliver either on time or as promised. Looking for a web-based LMS that offers full integration of e-content acquisition and management as well the usual tools. Will decide on whether discovery layer will be from same vendor based on whether we can find a vendor that can meet the web 2.0 & integrated ebook delivery options while still providing a robust LMS. I doubt we'll get that, but I'd rather something designed to work together than having yet more forced collaborations. (Type: Public)

Having inherited a 7-year contract for Symphony SaaS, I have put my focus elsewhere. In the end that's not so bad. The ILS isn't as important to the value we provide our university as it used to be, though it's still necessary. (Type: Academic)

I find that there are a lot of steps to do simple tasks. I also feel that a lot was done for us by Sirsi staff at the very beginning (which was good at the time) but now when something isn't working the way it should, staff comes to me and I have to fumble my way through because I'm not sure how it was set up to begin with. The training was difficult for us because it was so different from what we used before. I believe most libraries who were doing the training the same time as us had been using something similiar to Symphony so they understood better. It was like a foreign language to me. Therefore there is still a lot I have trouble with because I don't know how it was done in the first place. There are several things I love about this system and several things I hate. Having to run a report for everything is time consuming for me because of all the different things that need or could be filled out. I find it very complicated. So does most of our staff. I didn't get to get in on the first talks when deciding what new system to get. I was brought in after everything was decided and came in blind. The lady who was our system administrator at the time decided she wanted to retire so they brought me in. I feel I've done pretty well considering, but it has not been easy. The manuals that I have explain just very, very basics. And the "Help" doesn't help much either. (Type: Public)

SIRSI has not seemed caring to our consortium as a customer, , other than to sell us more product, or to charge for products we were not paying for prviously, i.e. BOOK COVERS in the catalog (Type: Public)

We chose to have SirsiDynix host our ILS for us. I feel it was the right move for us. We have received excellent support and been relieved of the need to worry about new servers, upgrades and maintenance. (Type: Public)

ERM is the next system priority for us. We are keeping a keen eye on work by a [...] ILS consortium who are favouring an open source approach for ILS and ERM via Kuali. (Type: Business)

We plan on upgrading to Symphony in the next few months. (Type: Public)

Library collection count only for tangible items (Type: Academic)

Have seen a significant improvement in customer support this year. This led to purchasing several new products from the company. Implementation of the new products has gone quite smoothly. Things aren't perfect, but I do think they've improved this year. (Type: Public)

We have a contract in place to upgrade to SirsiDynix Enterprise from EPS Rooms. The project is underway. (Type: Public)

Keep hoping for the next great ILS (Type: Academic)

I am thrilled with the current system. I have library cards for both Washington and Multnomah Counties, and their systems do not begin to compare with what we have in Clackamas County. (Type: Public)

- (Type: Public)

Currently using highly modified version of SIRSI web2 opac, in a consortial environment. Retirement of web2 is planned for mid-2013. Selection of new opac and discovery layer still i progress. Note: Library uses VuFind as discovery layer for one special collection. Would not consider VuFind as discovery tool as replacement for opac, due to support and management issues. (Type: Government Agency)

above item number does not include the shared group ebooks. (Type: Public)

I am responding as the library system representing 6 libraries. (Type: Consortium)

The bigest problems with symphony is the lack of a staff web front end and interface to easily add, edit, and manage the database. the "WorkFlows" Java client is archaic. (Type: Public)

- (Type: Public)

We have been on Sirsi's SaaS environment for more than 2 years and have been very happy with their hosting service. However, we are very disappointed with their next generation catalog, Enterprise. It is not suitable for a large academic library. (Type: Academic)

Reference to local public records and the joint local authority image store [...] are becoming increasingly important in our day to day operations. (Type: Public)

We received a federal grant to join the [...] in 2012. Therefore, we now use Symphony/Sirsi Dynix as an ILS. This has been a win-win situation for both our library and our patrons. Our membership was completed[...] . (Type: Public)

Although not actively considering a new ILS at present, we are keeping an eye on developments in unified and e-resource management and may consider widening our systems in future. When we do, all viable systems including open source will be considered. We have an excellent relationship with SirsiDynix which will certainly count in their favour, but any future decision will inevitably be based also on functionality and cost. (Type: Academic)

Increase in items due to electronic holdings being put in catalog (Type: Academic)

We are a SaaS site. Service has been great and outages few, Any issues have been resolved quickly. (Type: Public)

[...] which was purchased through SirisDynix is clunky and is not user friendly. There is way more in the system than is actually used. It is not efficient and for what it is, its expensive. (Type: Public)

The reporting system compared to Follett is massive. I could have reportsts done in lot less time then using Director Station. (Type: Public)

This library and other consortium mebers are watching bigger shared ILS products with shared databases, collections and one card. (Type: Public)

The collection count you have listed does not include over 90,000 ebooks. ILS vendors cannot be competitive because of incentives to keep current customers. Incompatibility with ILS systems and many discovery search platforms is a problem. Consortia portals are not accessible or compatible with all services. (Type: Academic)

[...] contract lasts a few more years with Sirsi Dynix. Executives are always thinking of which company to go with next. (Type: Public)

[...] are a development partner on the Serials Solutions INTOTA project. We are not unhappy with our SIrsiDynix Symphony implementation. We are interested in leveraging SaaS benefits including reducing our local system support footprint. (Type: Academic)

Our ILS solution is hosted by our vendor and we are considering moving to another hosted ILS solution. Due to the size of the collection, however, the cost of this move is prohibitive in our current budget environment. (Type: State)

Total cataloged items: 459,263. Total physical items in collection: 212,066 (Type: Academic)