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May 18, 2016

(SirsiDynix) The first quarter of 2016 has been a robust period of growth for SirsiDynix and its libraries. SirsiDynix is welcomed 11 new libraries to the family of BLUEcloud customers, 8 of whom have chosen to adopt SirsiDynix’s SaaS. SirsiDynix’s new customers represent a variety of library sizes and types. Joining from locations across the globe, new customers include libraries such as Kent Archaeological Society, Fenimore Art Museum, Lawrence Public Library, Boone County Public Library, Santa Clara County Free Library, and City of Stirling, Western Australia.

May 16, 2016

(SirsiDynix) The European University Institute has selected SirsiDynix Symphony, BLUEcloud Campus applications, and SaaS hosting following a competitive and open tender process. SirsiDynix’s best-of-breed academic solution will support EUI’s traditional and contemporary library workflows, including management and discovery of its diverse range of information resources.

May 10, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announced the one-millionth digital content download through eResource Central. eRC is an electronic resource management and discovery system that simplifies access to library resources by uniting physical and digital content into a single discovery interface. Digital content is made readily available in the library catalog, downloading with only a few clicks of a mouse and without re-directing to external vendor sites. Currently, eRC libraries have access to more than 9,000,000 titles from 11 content providers with many more providers in the process of joining.

May 5, 2016

(SirsiDynix) Following a competitive tender process, Cranfield University has selected the BLUEcloud Campus library services platform, including SirsiDynix Symphony and SaaS, for its campuses in Cranfield and Shrivenham. The comprehensive cloud-based solution from SirsiDynix will bring staff and students from both campuses together onto a single system for the first time.

April 19, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announce the University of Reading has recently purchased SirsiDynix’s fully-hosted BLUEcloud Campus library management system to support its 24/7 library service delivery. The University of Reading is a globally-ranked, research-intensive university. Over the summer of 2016, SirsiDynix will migrate the Symphony system to its enterprise-class ISO 27001 certified UK data centre, completing the transition to a supplier-hosted solution.

April 14, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announce the release of Mentor 2.0, the new learning management system for the SirsiDynix Support Center. Mentor 2.0 includes an intuitive new user-interface as well as simplified access to educational resources.

April 12, 2016

(SirsiDynix) The results in 2015 edition of his annual Perceptions survey showed solid gains in customer satisfaction from SirsiDynix customers. The survey emphasized SirsiDynix’s year-over-year improvements in customer satisfaction, with responses from a variety of library types.

April 9, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix and Mackin Education Resources are pleased to announce the completed integration of Mackin digital content into eResource Central (eRC), significantly expanding the range of eResources available to SirsiDynix school libraries. Mackin, a leader in providing schools around the globe with quality educational resources, has provided library and classroom services for grades PK-12 for over 32 years. Mackin's collection of more than 350,000 digital titles will contribute to enhancing education worldwide.

March 28, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix welcomed the venerable Universidad de San Marcos to the family of SirsiDynix customers. Universidad de San Marcos recently selected a local install of SirsiDynix Symphony, as well as several BLUEcloud products, after a competitive bid among the industry’s top vendors. The bid successfully concluded with a multi-year contract awarded to SirsiDynix. San Marcos is expected to go live in July.

March 27, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix extends a warm thank you to its customer community and to Marshall Breeding for the feedback received in the annual Perceptions survey. The vibrant SirsiDynix customer-base provided strong input in the 2015 survey. Of all ILS’s surveyed, SirsiDynix Symphony received the most responses. A total 459 customers reported on their Symphony system—37% more than the next ILS. The strong response is indicative of a customer community that is actively engaged with BLUEcloud—both the vision and its delivered products. A major component of this vision is built on open dialogues and responsiveness to our customers. SirsiDynix has implemented collaborative channels for customers to be involved in developing new tools, such as the Strategic Partner Program (SPP). SirsiDynix considers its customer partners and feedback, such as the Marshall Breeding Survey, to be vitally important to guiding the company vision and product development. Customer involvement has greatly influenced SirsiDynix development and decision-making. The widespread improvement in customer satisfaction, reflected in the results of the 2015 Perceptions survey, is largely a result of customer contributions.

March 23, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix welcome Henan University to the family of SirsiDynix customers. As part of the five-year agreement, Henan University will implement Symphony, a next generation LSP, as well as Enterprise/Portfolio, and MobileCirc to serve the Library’s over 60,000 students and staff members. The system will support the University consortium structure and facilitate future expansion and regional cooperation.

March 21, 2016

(SirsiDynix) The SirsiDynix family of BLUEcloud products will be expanding in 2016 with the addition of BLUEcloud Circulation. BLUEcloud Circulation offers a powerful new web-based circulation solution that features easy management for administrative staff while taking full advantage of the BLUEcloud library services platform and the flexibility of the Symphony and Horizon policies. BLUEcloud Circulation modernizes and simplifies circulation workflows, ensuring that library staff can serve end-users with unprecedented ease. Best of all, BLUEcloud Circulation joins the family of BLUEcloud products that SirsiDynix libraries will receive as part of their current maintenance.

March 17, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announced the completed SaaS migration and go-live of LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network. LOUIS, a statewide consortium of public and private academic libraries, has hosted their SirsiDynix Symphony ILS since 2001. In June 2015, LOUIS made the decision to host its Symphony ILS and BLUEcloud products on SirsiDynix SaaS. The migration process was completed in late January, and all 35 Symphony sites of the LOUIS consortium are now live. This project also included a conversion from Informix ISAM database structures running on IBM’s AIX to an Oracle database management system with Unicode encoding, running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Unicode support allows importing, cataloging, searching, and displaying of data containing non-Latin characters.

March 15, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix is anticipating a new addition to the BLUEcloud LSP. Coming later this year, BLUEcloud Acquisitions will join the collection of next-generation software of the BLUEcloud LSP. BLUEcloud Acquisitions will provide a solution for concentrated control over all steps of the acquisitions process. BLUEcloud Acquisitions is a cloud-based acquisitions system for both Symphony and Horizon that delivers centralized and localized purchasing, budgeting, collection development, receipt handling, invoice handling, and exception handling with optimized consortia workflows for large library systems.

February 24, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announced that the City of London has gone live with SirsiDynix Symphony in a SaaS hosted environment. The City of London chose SirsiDynix, following a tender to replace the City of London’s Capita library management system.

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