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May 12, 2016

(Bibliotheca) bibliotheca announced that it has plans to expand the Cloud Library product with the inclusion of pay-per-use pricing models, allowing customers to significantly extend their collection with no up-front cost and no risk.Several great publishers are already on-board, including Blackstone Audio and Hachette Audio. Working diligently with eAudiobook partner Findaway, bibliotheca expects to offer a wide range of eAudiobooks and eBooks under the new pay-per-use model. Unlike traditional ownership-driven digital models, where the content is paid for up-front in full and then loaned to patrons over time, pay-per-use has no up-front costs at all. Instead, libraries can offer an extended range of titles, and are only charged when a title is downloaded. This new and exciting model represents the perfect way to compliment the up-front purchased collection, allowing libraries to offer a much more diverse collection of material with practically no risk.

April 1, 2016

(Bibliotheca) Committed to helping the library industry grow, Bibliotheca will be showcasing several new and innovative solutions at the PLA Conference, April 6-8 in Denver, Colorado. Adding to their wide portfolio of products are new ideas for libraries to connect with and captivate their communities.

January 6, 2016

(Bibliotheca) For the second year in a row, Bibliothecaís portfolio has been recognized in the gold and silver categories by the Modern Library Awards from LibraryWorks. With solutions ranging from self-service kiosks to eBook applications, Bibliotheca is committed to the library industry, always keeping productivity and ease-of-use at the forefront of its innovations. Recognized in the gold category were: smartserve 400, liber8, the 3M SelfCheck QuickConnect Interface, and return and sorting solutions. smartlocker and smartserve 1000 were both honored with silver awards.

November 18, 2015

(Bibliotheca) The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Systemís launched a $275 million building program in 2008, which includes bringing eight new and two expanded branches to the Atlanta metro area. Each new branch is equipped with Bibliotheca self-service kiosks and automated materials handling systems, freeing up time for staff to spend more time with patrons, who love the quick and easy self-service experience.

November 16, 2015

(Civica) Civica Library Solutions announced the latest partnership with Bibliotheca to bring Cloud Library e-content to libraries across Australia and New Zealand.

November 6, 2015

(Bibliotheca) Following the previous news relating to the purchase of the assets of 3Mís Library Systems North American business, bibliotheca announced that their shareholders, One Equity Partners, concluded the purchase of the assets for the majority of 3Mís Library Systems remaining International business. OEP will now combine bibliotheca and the former 3M Library Systems business units into a single organization and will commence plans to transition all into a single bibliotheca brand. The new bibliotheca group is committed to continued investment in products and staff and will continue to expand into new regions with innovation-led products.

October 13, 2015

(Bibliotheca) Bibliotheca Group to continue to outline its vision and commitment to libraries after the recent acquisition of 3M Library Systems. The acquisition brings together the existing eBook platforms of Bibliotheca and 3M in the form of opus and Cloud Library respectively. Cloud Library will now become the primary digital product from Bibliotheca. The unique features of the opus platform will be incorporated into the Cloud Library product to create an all-encompassing digital experience for library users.

October 6, 2015

(Bibliotheca) Bibliotheca nnounced that their shareholders, One Equity Partners (OEP), today completed the purchase of 3M Library Systems North American business, and entered into agreements to purchase the assets of 3Mís remaining global Library Systems business. The new Bibliotheca Group will combine the best of both worlds to help libraries captivate their communities, providing innovative library-focused solutions that connect with people at home, at the library, and on the go.

September 23, 2015

(Bibliotheca) Peterborough City Council Library Service and Bibliotheca have been acknowledged in the finals of the V3 Technology Awards 2015 under the Movers and Shakers category. The nomination for Customer Project of the Year is in recognition of the innovative technology partnership that transformed the library service.

(Bibliotheca) Peterborough City Council Library Service and Bibliotheca have been acknowledged in the finals of the V3 Technology Awards 2015 under the Movers and Shakers category. The nomination for Customer Project of the Year is in recognition of the innovative technology partnership that transformed the library service.

August 5, 2015

(Bibliotheca) Bibliotheca has recently hired two new Business Development Managers - Amber Thompson, who will be working with libraries in the Northeast region of the United States, and Doug Potts, who will be working with libraries in the Northwest.

February 24, 2015

(Bibliotheca) Bibliotheca, a leader in RFID and barcode based self-service technology solutions, has received high marks on the Strategic Libraryís 2015 Library Purchasing Survey as well as won Gold in the 2015 Modern Library Awards, both of which were scored by and voted upon by librarians.

January 28, 2015

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix and Bibliotheca, a leader in RFID and bar-code based self-service technology solutions, enhance their strategic partnership to expand future integration of the companiesí products resulting in an improved experience for library customers worldwide. Since 2012, SirsiDynix and Bibliotheca have been strategic technology and sales partners, maintaining close development initiatives to ensure both library product lines work seamlessly together. Recently, both companies have expanded their commitment to strengthen this partnership. The result is that the library market can expect to see further integration throughout the coming year to move libraries into the future and thin the lines between both patron and staff solutions.

January 8, 2015

(Bibliotheca) Bibliotheca Group are pleased to announce the acquisition of Aturis Group, a leading provider of library solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With offices in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Aturis (formed in 2002) has built a strong and diverse customer base, with a focus on outstanding delivery and customer service, together with understanding the complexities of installing everything from staff stations through to full Automated Material Handling systems. This has been achieved through the building of a dedicated team of individuals who are committed to understanding libraries, their needs and how technology can support those needs.

October 28, 2014

(Bibliotheca) Bibliotheca today announces an exciting new strategic partnership that will bring the breadth of their library solutions directly to the South Korean market. Continuing with its focus on the international expansion of library solutions, Bibliotheca announces a new strategic partnership with the former Executive leadership team of Korean-based ECO that will bring the extensive range of Bibliotheca products and services direct to the South Korean market. Mr JongMin Lee, Mr Seung Cheol Kim and Mr Geon Hee Han, all formally of ECO Co. Ltd. will lead Bibliotheca South Korea Ė an organisation that will exclusively distribute the complete Bibliotheca library solution set.

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