A directory of libraries throughout the world

Acton, ME. Acton Public Library. ( Acton, Maine United States) [None]

Addison, ME. Mayhew Library Association. ( Addison, Maine United States) [None]

Agra, KS. F. Lee Doctor Public Library. ( Agra, Kansas United States) [web site ]  [None]

Akron, AL. Akron Public Library. ( Akron, Alabama United States) [None]

Albany, VT. Albany Town Library. ( Albany, Vermont United States) [None]

Albia, IA. Carnegie-Evans Public Library. ( Albia, Iowa United States) [None]

Alburg, VT. Alburg Public Library. ( Alburg, Vermont United States) [None]

Alexandria, NH. Haynes Library. ( Alexandria, New Hampshire United States) [None]

Alexandria, SD. Alexandria Public Library. ( Alexandria, South Dakota United States) [None]

Allagash, ME. Allagash Public Library. ( Allagash, Maine United States) [web site ]  [None]

Allerton, IA. Allerton Public Library. ( Allerton, Iowa United States) [None]

Alta Vista, IA. Alta Vista Public Library. ( Alta Vista, Iowa United States) [None]

Alto, TX. Stella Hill Memorial Library. ( Alto, Texas United States) [web site ]  [None]

Altona, NY. Altona Reading Center. ( Altona, New York United States) [web site ]  [None]

American Institute of Alternative Medicine. American Institute of Alternative Medicine Library. ( Columbus, Ohio United States) [web site ]  [None]

Anderson, AK. Anderson Village Library. ( Anderson, Alaska United States) [None]

Aniak, AK. Aniak Public Library. ( Aniak, Alaska United States) [None]

Anthony, NM. Valley Public Library. ( Anthony, New Mexico United States) [None]

Anvik, AK. Blackwell Community/School Library. ( Anvik, Alaska United States) [None]

Appleton City, MO. Appleton City Public Library. ( Appleton City, Missouri United States) [None]

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