A directory of libraries throughout the world

Alba, TX. ( Alba, Texas United States) [Apollo] +

Almena, KS. ( Almena, Kansas United States) [AGent VERSO] +

Beloit, KS. ( Beloit, Kansas United States) [Atriuum] +

Bruning, NE. ( Bruning, Nebraska United States) [Apollo] +

Cabot, VT. ( Cabot, Vermont United States) [LibraryWorld]

Casselton, ND. ( Casselton, North Dakota United States) [Atriuum] +

Danville, VT. ( Danville, Vermont United States) [LibraryWorld]

Dubreuilville, ON. ( Dubreuilville, Ontario Canada) Display all the libraries participating in: Joint Automation Server Initiative [Symphony]

Enosburg Falls, VT. ( Enosburg Falls, Vermont United States) Display all the libraries participating in: Vermont Organization of Koha Automated Libraries [Koha -- ByWater Solutions]

Enterprise, KS. ( Enterprise, Kansas United States) [AGent VERSO]

Farmland, IN. ( Farmland, Indiana United States) [Apollo] +

George, IA. ( George, Iowa United States) [Apollo] +

Gorham, NH. ( Gorham, New Hampshire United States) [Apollo] +

Hanover, KS. ( Hanover, Kansas United States) [AGent VERSO] +

Leighton, AL. ( Leighton, Alabama United States) [Apollo] +

Leonardville, KS. ( Leonardville, Kansas United States) [AGent VERSO]

MacKenzie, BC. ( MacKenzie, British Columbia Canada) Display all the libraries participating in: British Columbia SITKA Consortium [Evergreen -- Equinox Software]

Mart, TX. ( Mart, Texas United States) [Apollo] +

Morley, IA. ( Morley, Iowa United States) [Apollo] +

Newfane, VT. ( Newfane, Vermont United States) [LibraryWorld]

Consortia indicates that the library participates in a consortium for its automation system.