A directory of libraries throughout the world

California College of the Arts. ( Oakland, California United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

City University of Seattle. ( Seattle, Washington United States) [Koha -- Independent] +

Concordia University -- Wisconsin. ( Mequon, Wisconsin United States) Display all the libraries participating in: SWITCH Library Consortium [Koha -- ByWater Solutions]

Florida Institute of Technology. ( Melbourne, Florida United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

John F. Kennedy University. ( Orinda, California United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

Pacific Oaks College. ( Pasadena, California United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

Staffordshire University. ( Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom) [Koha -- PTFS Europe] +

Suleyman Demirel University. Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Bilgi Merkezi ( Isparta, Turkey) [Koha -- Independent]

Université Rennes 2. Bibliothčques de l'université Rennes 2 ( Rennes, France) [Koha -- BibLibre] +

University of Hertfordshire. ( Hatfield, United Kingdom) [Koha -- PTFS Europe] +

Consortia indicates that the library participates in a consortium for its automation system.