A directory of libraries throughout the world

Addison, IL. ( Addison, Illinois United States) [Millennium] +

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Bibliothèque canadienne de l'agriculture ( Ottawa, Ontario Canada) [Millennium] +

Alameda County, CA. ( Fremont, California United States) [Millennium] +

Arlington City Schools. ( Arlington, Virginia United States) [Millennium] +

Athens State University. ( Athens, Alabama United States) [Millennium] +

Canberra Hospital. ( Woden, Australian Capital Territory Australia) [Millennium] +

Charleston Library Society. ( Charleston, South Carolina United States) [Millennium] +

College of New Rochelle. ( New Rochelle, New York United States) [Millennium] +

Columbia College of Missouri. ( Columbia, Missouri United States) Display all the libraries participating in: MOBIUS - Arthur [Millennium]

Deerfield, IL. ( Deerfield, Illinois United States) [Millennium] +

Denver School District No. 1. ( Denver, Colorado United States) [Millennium] +

East China Normal University. 华东师范大学图书馆 ( Shanghai, China) [Millennium] +

Exeter University. ( Exeter, United Kingdom) [Millennium] +

Falls Church, VA. ( Falls Church, Virginia United States) [Millennium] +

Florida Memorial University. ( Miami, Florida United States) [Millennium]

Generalitat de Catalunya -- Ministry of Culture. ( Barcelona, Spain) [Millennium] +

Genesee County, MI. ( Flint Township, Michigan United States) [Millennium] +

Goucher College. ( Baltimore, Maryland United States) [Millennium] +

Great Neck, NY. ( Great Neck, New York United States) [Millennium] +

Gurnee, IL. ( Gurnee, Illinois United States) [Millennium] +

Consortia indicates that the library participates in a consortium for its automation system.