A directory of libraries throughout the world

Auckland Patchworkers and Quilters Guild Inc.. Auckland Patchworkers & Quilters Guild Library. APQGI Library ( Auckland, New Zealand) [web site ]  [Koha -- Independent] +

Augustan Society, Inc.. Augustan Society Library. ( Orlando, Florida United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

Calicut University. C.H.Mohammed Koya Library. ( Thenhippalam, India) [web site ]  [Koha -- Independent] +

Castle Rock, WA. Castle Rock Public Library. ( Castle Rock, Washington United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

Ciisa - Instituto de Ciencias Tecnológicas. Ciisa - Instituto de Ciencias Tecnológicas. ( Santiago, Chile) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

Fundación Universitaria Catolica Lumen Gentium. Biblioteca Unicatolica. ( Cali, Colombia) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

God's Bible School and College. R.G. Flexon Memorial Library. ( Cincinnati, Ohio United States) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain. Public Library of The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain. مكتبة العتبة الحسينية المقدسة ( Karbala, Iraq) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

New Brunswick, Canada. New Brunswick Legislative Library. ( Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

Prefeitura de São Bernardo do Campo. Midiateca Pedagógica. ( São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

Süleyman Demirel University. Suleyman Demirel University Information Center. ( Isparta, Turkey) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

Toronto Botanical Garden. Weston Family Library. ( Toronto, Ontario Canada) [web site ]  [Koha -- Independent] +

United Nations -- Economic and Social Commission of Asia and the Pacific. UNESCAP Library. ( Bangkok, Thailand) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

Universidad de El Salvador. Sistema Bibliotecario de Universidad de El Salvador. ( San Salvador, El Salvador) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent] +

Venezuela. National Library of Venezuela. Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela ( Caracas, Venezuela) [web site ]  [online catalog] [Koha -- Independent]